Laurel's Visit To Nanda Parbat Takes A Big Turn

Thanks to upcoming CW series Legends of Tomorrow, we knew that it was only a matter of time before Arrow would find a way to resurrect Sara Lance. But that didn't make seeing her grand return firsthand any less exciting (and slightly terrifying). As promised, Wednesday night's Arrow episode "Restoration" centered around Laurel and Thea's visit to Nanda Parbat in the hopes of a.) curing Thea, and b.) bringing Sara back from the dead. (You know, just your typical road trip itinerary with this group.) And while the latter part of their mission was immediately rejected by both Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa — given the unfortunate side effects that come from using the Lazarus Pit so extensively — but Merlyn eventually gave in to help ease Thea's grief from killing Sara.

So far we don't know the full extent of damage the Pit's powers will emit on Sara, considering she was actually dead and Thea was apparently just seriously injured when she took a dip in the pool's healing waters. But I'm sure she's bound to be more than a little shaken about being back in the land of the living. (I mean, she doesn't even know about this reported Gilmore Girls revival, so clearly she has a lot of catching up to do.) But we may have an even bigger problem than that on our hands.

Merlyn explained to Thea that the waters of the Lazarus Pit compel the user to kill until he or she has slain the person that did them harm. That's why Thea has such a strong bloodlust these days. Because she was given life, she now needs to take life. So, by that logic, if the same holds true for Sara, then that means she also will feel the urge to kill — not just anyone, but the person who took her life away. And who would that be? Why, Thea, of course!

I've started to worry that Thea's name will be the one written across that mysterious tombstone. Perhaps Sara will be the one responsible for putting her there? And now that Nyssa has destroyed the Pit for good, all deaths will remain permanent from here on out, making that flash forward seem all the more terrifying.

Images: Dean Buscher/ The CW (2)