Tristan Has Found A Murder Mentor On 'AHS: Hotel'

If you want to become good at something, it helps to have someone with experience show you the ropes. Such is the case for American Horror Story: Hotel 's newly vamped-out Tristan, who apparently wants Evan Peters' Mr. James March to mentor him in the ways of murder. You see, after experiencing the thrill of his first kill — along with a little bit of (obscene) Googling — Tristan decided to reconsider Mr. March's offer to learn the joys of taking a life. And while I always love a good bromance, this one certainly is bound to be the most messed up bonding experience in any show's history. And any good mentor worth his salt knows that the best way to have your protege learn something is by making them practice, practice, practice!

At first, I thought Tristan's first solo kill was going to go to Naomi Campbell's character, Claudia. But that particular job was taken by Max Greenfield un-dead junkie character, Gabriel. (Thanks to this season, I can never look at my mattress the same way ever again, by the way.) But don't worry, there are still plenty of victims that could succumb to Tristan's wrath. For starters, there's the Hotel Cortez's new owner, Will Drake, who is looking to tear down a few floors of what March has dubbed his "Murder Palace." So, obviously, this dude has got to go. After all, you can't just knock down priceless asphyxiation chambers and black closets. Those things don't just grow on trees, folks!

But before any blood can be spilled, Gaga needs to marry him and take all of his money. (Thus bleeding him dry in a completely different way.) So he's still got a few more episodes at least until his fatal demise. But the clock is ticking and if I was Will, I'd seriously start watching my back. Because it's only a matter of time before March's killer student ends up becoming the master.

Image: Suzanne Tenner/FX