Angel Bassett Seeks Revenge On 'AHS: Hotel'

by Alaina Urquhart-White

On this week's episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, Angela Bassett came on with a bang. After kidnapping Donovan, her character Ramona unveiled that she is actually Lady Gaga's ex on the show and that things didn't exactly end well between them. After Elizabeth seduced the hell out of her (as only she can do), she gave Angela's character Ramona a taste of her blood (effectively turning Ramona into an immortal vampire like herself). They had an intense romance that lasted from 1978 to about 1991, when things began to sour. After all, Elizabeth doesn't appear to be the type to hang on to things for long periods of time.

Sensing her distance, Ramona fell for a recording artist who was staying at the Hotel Cortez. What do you do when you think someone is pretty attractive? You make them drink your blood so that they can be immortal with you forever. Obviously. Well, that's exactly what Ramona did with her new beau. Things were peachy for about four seconds, until Gaga found out and saw it as a serious betrayal. With intense emotion (actual tears) that we have yet to see even a glimpse of from Elizabeth, she murdered everyone in the studio (except Ramona) and finished things with a bullet to the head of the man who stole her lady's affections. Hell hath no fury.

Now Ramona is out for revenge. Donovan assumes that she wants to kill him. An eye for an eye kind of deal. Ramona doesn't want that though, and lets him know that her real target is Elizabeth's crop of kiddies that she holds so dear. Once Donovan tells her that Elizabeth dumped him days earlier, she lets him go free. But, we all know this isn't the last interaction between these two. There is bound to be an epic battle between Ramona and Elizabeth at some point in this season. Ramona is out for the jugular and she knows that Elizabeth's fountain of youth babies are exactly where she needs to hit her first. As if Holden hasn't been through enough.

Image: Suzanne Tenner/FX