Elizabeth Banks To Host 'Saturday Night Live' Next Month & It's Going To Be The Best Episode Ever

Admittedly, I'm pretty much an old lady in a 31-year-old's body, so I find it hard to stay up until nearly midnight, even on a Saturday. However, I do try to make an exception when it comes to Saturday Night Live , and I always DVR it if my grandma tendencies get the better of me. Having grown up watching the sketch comedy series, I'm pretty loyal to it even during its waning periods, but thankfully the 2015-2016 season doesn't seem to be one of them. Not only has it been amazingly funny so far this year, but amazing hosts have been helming the show, and this one is a real doozy: Elizabeth Banks will host Saturday Night Live on November 14, and it's basically going to be the best thing ever.

Banks made the announcement via her Twitter page on Thursday, making it an excellent day all-around (we've all heard the Adele news by now, I'm sure). When she takes on hosting duties next month, she'll have Disclosure as the musical guest, meaning it's going to be a really great episode. Making it even better is the fact that Donald Trump will be preceding her the week before, so I think we'll all be ready for some actual comedy that doesn't make us want to cry by then, right?

It's likely that Banks' SNL hosting gig is timed just right to promote the final installment of the Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay — Part 2. In case you're unfamiliar, Banks plays Effie, the District 12 escort from the Capitol that's also super endearing. Banks promoting the movie means it's getting closer, which is yet another exciting thing to look forward to — it's good news all around!

I can't wait to see the sketches the writers come up with for Banks, who's a gifted comedian and a fantastic actress. She'll take to any material they give her like a fish to water, and frankly I'm shocked that it took showrunners this long to get her on. It's an absolute shame we've had to wait so long, but as the old saying goes, better late than never, and I'm looking forward to this weekend's episode — so much so that I'll try and take a nap earlier in the day so I can actually stay up late enough and watch it live.