Kourtney Kardashian Is #GymGoals In This Look

This lady is all sorts of #gymgoals. Kourtney Kardashian looked gym-chic in her latest work out outfit and is inspiring me to amp up my gymwear game. I don’t think you can exactly call one giant, sweaty, baggy t-shirt chic, but what does it matter — it’s not like I go to the gym all of the time or anything (or ever), right? I should really try harder to get on her level!

I just never knew going for a sweat sesh could look so great, but Kardashian is giving me a whole new outlook. She wore a crop top with boxy sleeves that was a little jersey-esque, but in the best way possible. She paired that with a black leather baseball cap, yoga pants, and, of course, some black and white kicks to match her top. Nailed. It.

This isn’t the first time she’s worn amazing athletic gear, either. Her Instagram feed has been all sorts of fitspiration lately, and let me tell you, she’s not just in kick butt workout mode — she’s in kick butt sports gear mode, too. So, in case you’re wondering how you can take your gym-wearing gear to the next level (like me), let Kardashian show you how it’s done. See her latest ensemble, plus seven times she’s killed it in althletic wear.

She is killing it.

1. Sexy Gym Selfie

Looking good, Kourt.

2. Mountain Views

Nothing like a workout with a view.

3. Working Hard

Who knew hard work could be so stylish?

4. Girl Power

Going to the gym is better with friends.

5. Sister, Sister

There's nothing like a little workout/bonding time.

6. Wake Up Call

These sister will not stop, rain or shine.

7. Hooded Style

I'm loving this black and white look.

Feeling inspired? I am! Now I've got to buy some stylish workout garb.

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