How To Celebrate Halloween Like 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

Halloween is your chance to be anyone and do anything (within reason), so why not go old school '90s and celebrate Halloween like The Fresh Prince? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air only had two true Halloween episode — Season 1's "Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect" Part 1 doesn't really count, but Part 2 was a blast — and it was clear Will loved Halloween. The Season 4 episode "Hex and the Single Guy" gave audiences a glimpse of just how psyched Will could get when the Jack-o'-lanterns started coming out. Will threw himself into Halloween as enthusiastically as he did everything else, and while he ended up hexed that one time, he and the rest of the Banks family offered up some fun holiday tips along the way. If you are looking for a Halloween role model, Will is your guy.

From costume suggestions, candy substitutes, and alternate party plans, let Will help you have the perfect Halloween. Just try not to tick off any mediums while you're out living it up on Halloween. Remember, if your seance is being conducted by a professional and not your bestie, be nice to the medium, lest you get stuck in a '90s sitcom plot.

Now cock your baseball cap to the side and prepare to have the freshest Halloween ever.

Treat Halloween Like Christmas

Just as Will bursts through the door and announces it is Halloween in his pajamas, you, too, have to go all in with your enthusiasm. Get up early and throw yourself into pumpkin carving and party planning. Halloween-appropriate PJs will help get you in the mood for a day of mischief and consuming all that sugar.

Terrify Kids With Age-Appropriate Scary Stories

If you run out of candy, try offering trick-or-treaters a scary story instead (if the parents approve, of course). Make sure it is age-appropriate, and if you can rap while telling the story, like Will, you get bonus points.

Keep Your Costume Simple

Elaborate costumes look cool, but you have to really commit to pull them off. I mean there's usually sewing and glitter involved, and someone as cool as Will doesn't have time for crafts. Opt for a timeless costume, like Will's vampire get-up, and save yourself a whole lot of cash and energy. The vampire costume is iconic for a reason: it's easy to throw together and everyone looks good in it.

Get In Touch With The Other Side

Will didn't take the whole seance thing too seriously, but whether you are a believer or not, Halloween is as good a time as any to try to make contact with the great beyond. If that sounds a little too unsettling, try a tarot card reading or visit a psychic. Be respectful during your reading and let your Halloween spirit show. Psychics aren't going to hex you for giggling like the one Will met did, but it's always best not to be rude.

Snag An Invite To A Swanky Costume Party

It helps if you have a rich aunt and uncle who plan on hosting the swankiest costume party ever, but even if you don't, surely one of your friends is throwing an upscale bash. If they're not, go ahead and throw your own party. It is a truth universally acknowledged that cocktail shrimp and bottled wine instantly make any party classy.

Convince A Friend To Reenact Your Fave Disney Movie With You

In a wonderfully silly turn of events, Will's date turns out to be a real-life Cinderella. While you are not likely to stumble into a real prince, you can always get a friend to make your Disney/Halloween crossover dreams come true for the evening.

Bust Out Some Old School Jams

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How can you have a Fresh Prince Halloween with some '90s jams?

Now you are ready to have a happy ('90s flavored) Halloween that would make the Fresh Prince proud!

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