Justin Bieber Releases "Sorry" Dance Music Video, But Is An Official Music Video On The Way Too? — VIDEO

After an excruciating month leaving fans waiting at the edge of their seats, Justin Bieber's music video for "Sorry" has finally been released. But, wait: Before you get too excited to witness Biebz in some artsy/enigmatic video — you know, with his signature furrowed brow and stuff — hold the phone. Bieber isn't actually featured in this video. I know, I know — take a moment. But after, we should try to answer the question at hand: Does this mean the new "Sorry" video is just a lyric video? Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly: does this mean there will be an official "Sorry" video coming out soon? One with the Biebz and all? If the latter question is true, then when — oh when! — will it debut?

The new video Bieber released on Thursday, along with the single itself, has been dubbed "Sorry (Dance Video)," which means one of two things: One, there was nothing else to call the video of people dancing to "Sorry" anything other than "Sorry (Dance Video)," or two, this really is just the "Dance Video" and that an official video will be coming out as well. I'm thinking option two might be valid, because I highly doubt the people who name Bieber's videos are really that uncreative. Though there's no way to answer that now, it seems likely.

Though I'm hoping there will be a follow-up, that's not to say fans of Bieber aren't delighted by the new release and dance vid. After all, it's a well put together piece. The neon-attired dancers move along to the rhythm, the rhythm moves along to the neon-attired dancers, lip-syncing occurs, there's some sassy facial expressions, etc. It's hard not to smile and hum along while watching it, and it's even harder to fight any and all urges to stand up and join them as they shimmy against a white backdrop. But as Bieber so beautifully sings, "Is it too late to say sorry now?" I'm wondering what he's apologizing for (i.e. hoping it's not an anticipatory apology for not putting out an official music video). I guess he could be "sorry" that there's not more information regarding whether or not one's coming?

Looking back at Bieber's last music video release though, things do become a bit clearer. The Biebz put out a lyric video for "What Do You Mean?" before he released the final, official video two days later. Will "Sorry" follow that same model? A scour through his recent Twitter feed doesn't leave any concrete clues, so I suppose only time will tell. I guess the only thing to do as we await the release of an official vid, is to watch this one incessantly and with the volume turned all the way up.

I apologize in advance to my neighbors.

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