A Justin Bieber "Sorry" & Drake Dancing Parody Already Exists Because The Internet Is Magical

Someone clearly knows that we, the good people of the internet, are not fans of waiting for things. Justin Bieber released the video for "Sorry," a little early and made us all very, very happy to hear his aural apology. But since this week is also about Drake and the Toronto rapper's unique dance moves absolute cannot be stopped this week, some wonderful human on Twitter has already made "Sorry" into a Drake & "Hotline Bling" parody Vine. #blessed

Of course, it is about time for Drake to relinquish his pop culture throne, if only for a day or two, to Biebs who's finally being recognized for some actual work instead of being shamelessly and rudely objectified (you know what you did, What Do You Peen). And what a perfect transition it is to have Drake dancing to the new inescapable song of the moment, "Sorry."

What makes this all even better is that Bieber's new single is really freaking good. (Like, so good I'm starting to become a Belieber. I know, it's making me uncomfortable too.) Sure, the dancers in Bieber's actual video are fantastic and we should definitely watch the full video and give them their due. But only after we bid a fond "see ya later" to Drake on Beat:

See? Now you're ready for the real thing:

JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube