The Eurythmics Will Be The Best Bit Of The Grammys

Sweet dreams are made of Annie Lennox's return to the stage, because The Grammys just got that much more amazing. It was announced that the Eurythmics will play in the Beatles tribute at the Grammys, and for the first time since we started hearing word of the line up for this salute to one of history's most iconic bands, I'm actually excited. For one, Beatles tributes are, although appropriate, super tired, and as regular and expected as a nun's period. They do them at every damn award show. Secondly, the other artists in the line up are so... boring, and at the risk of sounding even more jaded than I already do, if I listen to another piano-filled R&B based version of "Let It Be" my head might explode, and I'm almost guaranteed to, since John Legend and Alicia Keys are set to perform that very song.

It's not that I don't love the Beatles, or that I don't think John Legend and Alicia Keys are really talented and amazing, but the Eurythmics are a shocking addition, and there's no telling what they'll bring to the table in terms of sound. We know exactly what we'll be getting from all the other artists, but where do Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart's sparse '80s sound fit into the Beatles anthology? Also, what will Annie wear to the ceremony, since she has been a style muse since forever and ever? We just don't know, and that is so very exciting. Not only did I never expect to see a Eurythmics reunion (the messy divorce of the two band members kind of killed that), but they are just so dynamic and exciting, a real change of pace for the Grammys.

Now that I've reasonably covered why the Eurythmics coming to the Grammys is awesome, let's discuss why this is a magnificent occurrence because AnnieLennoxAnnieLennoxAnnieLennox oh my goddddd. For those of you whose moms didn't force you to listen to Annie's Diva album for the entirety of your childhood, you've missed out because she is too awesome and the Grammys are going to be changed forever. Finally.