Easy Justin Bieber "Sorry" Dancers Group Halloween Costume That'll Be Perfect For Any Squad

Bieber is back, baby! And he's got an amazing new song to mark his return. While, personally, I've still been jamming out to Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" (and hyperventilating over that seriously steamy music video) there is a new track that might be able to topple that single's success: Bieber just dropped a new song "Sorry," and it's absolutely everything that a Belieber could ask for — and it might even recruit a few new ones into the gang. But, though the song will certainly have everyone talking, it's the associated dance video that is also turning heads. The fun clip features ah-mazing performers of all body types getting their groove on to Bieber's new tune, all while wearing clothes that would make Rainbow Brite smile. The dancers' outfits are so fierce that would make for one seriously awesome group Halloween costume — so why not gather your best Beliebers and rock these "Sorry" outfits on Halloween?

The best part about these costumes? They are made up of pieces that you will want to rock on the regular, not just on Oct. 31. (Even if you don't want to wear them all at the same time!) So round up your squad, pick your favorite dancer, and then start creating your look with the help of this "Sorry" costume guide. You won't be sorry — even if I am for that pun.

Look One


These cat-eye sunglasses are a total steal: you can get them online at 10 Dollar Mall for only $4.

Baseball Cap

Black Cap, $13, Target

Don't have a baseball cap? Don't worry: it's the easiest accessory to find ever, and weirdly becoming trendy again. You can get this one from Target.

Pink Shirt

A long-sleeved pink shirt in a tighter fit will tuck easily into your high-waisted shorts. You can purchase the one above from The Deal Rack.

Striped Shorts

Hey, you need these for next summer anyway, right? You can pick up this pair at Forever 21.

Fringe Belt

Fringe Belt, $11, Lulus

The belt that comes with the above shorts simply will not do. Tie this entire look together with a fringe belt instead: this one will cost you only $11 at Lulu's.

Look Two

Acid-Washed Jeans

The dancer in the video wears these jeans loose, but whatever fit you feel comfortable with should work. The jeans above come in a variety of acid-washed styles on Alloy Apparel.

Green Jersey

I'm not a sports fan, so I'm not sure if wearing a jersey of a team that you don't support is a big deal... but if you don't have any qualms about it, any green (or blue, if you prefer) football jersey will work for this look. You can get this kelly green jersey online at the NFL Shop.


Lip-Shaped Sunglasses, $3, Ziggos Party

The lip-shaped sunglasses that the dancers wear in this video might just be my favorite new trend. You can purchase this similar pair online at Ziggos.

Look Three

Crop Top

Nothing better than the real thing, right? You can purchase this Adidas crop top at East Bay.


Sadly, it seems that the matching polka dot shorts are discontinued. (Kylie Jenner apparently wore them and the world freaked out about it, though.) These gold ones are pretty cute though, and definitely amp up the playful vibe if you mix and match them with the blue. You can buy them online at ASOS.

Look Four

Crop Top

Graffiti-Inspired Top, $14, eBay

You need a seriously loud crop top for this look, and the colorful graffiti-inspired top above is perfect. You can get it online from eBay.

Pink Cargo Pants

Colorful Cargo Trousers, $20, eBay

These coral pants are a great match for the ones the dancer wears in "Sorry," and they're actually another eBay find! You can score these from the online retailer.

Pink Baseball Cap

Pink Cap, $7, Target

Round out the look with this bright accessory, which you can get online from Target. Also feel free to add the lip sunglasses above — both dancers wear similar specs.

Go hit up your squad, blast "Sorry," and plan on rolling up to your next Halloween party in style. And, of course, check out the video below:

JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube

Images: JustinBieberVevo/YouTube (5); 10 Dollar Mall; Target (2); The Deal Rack; Forever 21; Lulu's; Alloy Apparel; The NFL Shop; Ziggos; East Bay; Wholesale For Everyone; ASOS; Adidas; eBay (3)