Valerie Reveals A Secret About Stefan's 'TVD' Past

It's true when they say that you never forget your first love. You're experiencing all of these incredible emotions for the first time and makes that person forever special in your mind. So you can imagine how thrilled Caroline was to discover that Valerie was Stefan's first love on The Vampire Diaries . That's right, folks — way before Elena and even before Katherine, Stefan had yet another great love in the form of Lily's Heretic friend, Valerie. Which means this is the time that we all discovered when exactly Stefan lost his virginity. (1863 was a good year for this guy.) But the surprises don't end there. You see, it turns out that shortly after their little love affair, Valerie became pregnant with Stefan's child.

I guess this explains why the episode was called "Age of Innocence." Though, maybe in this case, it should've been referred to as "Loss of Innocence." (Thank you, I'm here all night.) But I'm getting ahead of myself. The reason Valerie came into Stefan's life to begin with was because Lily wanted to make sure her sons were happy, so she recruited her little pre-Heretic orphans (they were just witches back then) to look in on her boys on her behalf. Valerie was assigned to Stefan and ended up falling in love with him. (Hey, can you really blame her?) But she was called away by her fellow companion, Julian, who was not the greatest guy, in my opinion.

What makes me say that? Well, how about the fact that when he learned of her plans to return to Stefan and have his baby, he decided to eliminate the problem altogether by beating her senseless — and killing the baby. He knew Valerie couldn't tell Lily what really happened because then her lies about being intimate with Stefan would be exposed. She attempted to kill herself, but since she had Lily's blood in her system at the time, she accidentally became the world's first Heretic.

However, the good news is that none of this information seems to have waned Stefan's feelings for Caroline. After Lily allows her to go free, Stefan assures our lovable blonde vamp that he has no desire to reconnect with Valerie, so Steroline is still going strong. You know, other than the fact that they still can't touch each other. Cold showers for everyone!

Image: Quantrell Colbert/The CW