What Is Tristan Up To On 'The Originals'?

Tristan finally joined the fun in New Orleans on The Originals, reuniting with the vampire who turned him, Elijah. Despite the nearly murderous reunion in "I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans," Tristan, who was the first vampire ever to be turned by Elijah, remains almost as mysterious as before — almost. So, what is Tristan's evil plan on The Originals ?

Since we last saw him leaving his vampire sister in a monastery, Tristan has been keeping busy making his way to New Orleans. And, though it seems as if Tristan has only just arrived in town, Lucien, Tristan's sworn enemy who just happens to be Klaus' first sired vamp, is convinced that Tristan has been in town for a while. In fact, according to Lucien, Tristan is the one who has been murdering men, slashing open their mouths like the Joker and leaving the bodies strung up across town. As evidence, Lucien recounts the story of how Tristan himself slashed Lucian's face in exactly the same manner back when they were both human. But why, as Cami asked Lucien, would Tristan be trying to frame Lucien for murder in the first place? Lucien says that Tristan is obviously trying to drive a wedge between Klaus and Lucien, making it easier to take them both down by killing Klaus once and for all.

Of course, I wouldn't take Lucien's word for it. Once an evil vampire, always an evil vampire (unless you're Damon Salvatore, of course). And, given Tristan's awkward reunion with Elijah, it's safe to say that Lucien doesn't know everything he thinks he does. In this week's episode, Elijah tracked down Tristan via another one of his sire line, Aya, who showed up at Marcel's uninvited and presented him with an offer. If Marcel joins Aya, Tristan and their old order of vampires, they will restore him to his former glory as King of New Orleans. Elijah arrived just in time to stop Aya and Marcel from making a deal, and dismissed the others to have a private chat with his old friend Tristan. According to Tristan, it is Lucien who has the rumored weapon that can kill an original. Tristan tries to convince Elijah that Lucien will eventually get Klaus on his side, and convince him to turn against Elijah.

Essentially, Tristan's plans seem to mirror Lucien's. Both vampires intend to turn their makers against one another in the hopes of killing an original, and thus killing their enemy. That may sound vague, but one thing is clear: Neither Lucien, nor Tristan can be trusted. Many questions remain. Who has the weapon that can kill an Original? Who is killing innocent men in NOLA? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.Images: The CW; jorindelle/tumblr