'Girls' Are Seriously Swooning Over Juan

Lena Dunham is the latest woman to discover the magic that is one Juan Pablo Galavis. If you're a Bachelor fan, you know that tonight Juan Pablo will make his debut as the bachelor and that January is really Juan-uary. You also know that Juan Pablo previously appeared on the most recent season of The Bachelorette where he turned even the biggest cynic into a fan of the dating show. Why were we watching a couple dozen emotionally questionable American men try to woo a lady? Because there was an emotionally questionable hot Venezuelan soccer player in the mix! And now we get to see ladies woo him. Ah, television! What was I talking about?

Right. Lena Dunham. So Dunham seems to not be up on her Bachelor news. What have you been doing, Dunham? It's Juan-uary! There's no time for writing, starring in, and directing your own show! There was a Juan-ary special on last night! Didn't you order a $5 footlong during Subway's Janu-any and tune into Juan-uary? Guess not because this morning she posted a picture on Instagram of Juan Pablo with her Girls co-star Allison Williams and got his name wrong. The caption reads, "Allison met Juan Carlo aka DA BACHELOR and her eyes went red with passion."

It's hilarious, but his name is Juan Pablo. Dunham soon realized this and uploaded another pic saying, "UPDATE: his name is Juan Pablo and he's a delight. I can't even make a joke. It's confusing."

So true. I too was confused by Juan Pablo. How was I finding someone on The Bachelorette actually tolerable? How was I tweeting loving rather than snarky things about him? Such is the allure of Juan Pablo.

Dunham finished her Juan Pablo experience with the following, "Another update: Juan Pablo gave me this Venezuelan chocolate. Feelin' lucky."

He gives away chocolate! Rare Venezuelan chocolate! While it's unlikely, here's hoping Juan Pablo doesn't end up with too many crazies on The Bachelor.

Images: Lena Dunham/ Instagram