You Have To See LC's Adorable Halloween Costume

I think we can all agree that everything Lauren Conrad touches into cute, pastel, and dreamy gold, from her yummy recipes, to creative home decor ideas, to the prettiest braid tutorials we've ever seen. So naturally, Lauren Conrad's Halloween costume is so freaking adorable, I can hardly handle myself.

Conrad took to Instagram to reveal her costume with the rest of her squad: A group of "party animals!" Conrad and her pals are dressed in gorgeous, glam dresses with animal ears and antlers, whiskers painted on. Conrad, specifically, is the cutest deer we've ever seen, in a delicate slip dress, strappy heels (complete with fuzz — she kills this look from head to toe!), a side braid, and a deer's antlers. It's by far the dreamiest Halloween costume I've seen so far, and of course, the one and only LC is sporting it.

Conrad and her friends are snapped sitting on a couch with champagne, and the caption reads, "So excited to be a bunch of "Party Animals this Halloween!!" And of course, her fans are thrilled. "Love this! Dang they looks so classy," "ugh they're perfect," and "omg this is so cute and pretty at the same time" are just a few of the compliments she's receiving on this costume. Seems fitting, as she's pretty much the queen of DIY everything beautiful when it comes to beauty, including her perfect beach waves.

Leave it to Conrad to come up with a costume that's elegant, chic, sophisticated, and cute all at the same time. So if you're looking to copy this creative costume, take a look at what to shop for, below!

1. The Perfect Slip Dress

Organic By John Patrick Long Slip, $190, The Dreslyn

This nude slip dress is so incredibly delicate, and can be worn post-Halloween, as well. Consider it a win-win.

2. This Dreamy White Dress

City Chic Embroidered Innocence Maxi Dress (Plus Size), $99, Nordstrom

Perfect for a little bunny costume! Don't forget your whiskers, though!

3. Furry Walkers

JF Genevieve, $55,

Hello, pretty babies. These furry beauties will bring you straight back to the '90s, and is perfect for your party animal self.

4. Antlers, Duh!

Deer Costume Antler Headpiece, $95, etsy

I mean, how cute is this?

5. Adorable Bunny Ears

Lace & Velour Bunny Ears Headband, $7, Wet Seal

With the white dress above, you'll be the cutest bunny at the party.

6. Eyeliner

Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner, $12, S ephora

Of course, you'll need some make up to draw on those whiskers, doe eyes, and little noses! This eyeliner is one of the best out there in terms of staying smudge-free, so get on it! Check out the tutorial below for inspiration.

If you're still scrambling for a Halloween costume, this is one you can definitely do with your friends that requires minimal shopping and you'll be able to wear the items time and time again. It's a win-win, so get your party on ya filthy animal!

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