Did Bonnie Try To Kill Annalise On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? She Is Loyal To A Fault

"My name is Bonnie, and I might be a the most complicated person on How to Get Away with Murder," is what I assume Bonnie would say at a Shonda Rhimes Tortured Characters Anonymous meeting. We didn't know too much about Bonnie until the episode "Meet Bonnie," where we — say it with me — met Bonnie. And what did we learn about her? Well, Bonnie might have tried to kill Annalise on How to Get Away with Murder , so that's a good place to start. And even though we thought Bonnie would do anything to protect her boss, then why is she covered in so much blood, huh?

During the show's flash forward, Bonnie makes a cameo at the Hapstall estate, where Annalise lies dying and Emily the prosecutor lies dead. She's seen running from the house — in a very suspicious way, might I say — to her car where... Asher was waiting for her. You're thinking, "Whaaat?" I get it. I was there. I'm still there. But, I don't know if Bonnie was really running from a crime scene she produced via her own malicious intent. If anyone in that car was guilty, it was Asher, and I say that solely based on the look he had on his face.

When Bonnie got to the car, she looked at a stunned Asher and said "It's almost over." What is almost over? Maybe the tangled web that he and Bonnie have weaved regarding the deal that Asher was trying to strike with Emily. Either way, Asher's face screamed "True Life: I Just Shot Someone, And It Was The Worst Thing That's Ever Happened To Me." That, or he stumbled onto a crime scene and GTFO before he could get in trouble.

But was all that blood Bonnie was covered in really Annalise's? It could be, but it's probably not because Bonnie shot her (or stabbed). If anything, it was probably because she was trying to save her. You guys, Bonnie is, like, fiercely loyal to Annalise. She wouldn't shoot her. Emily, on the other hand, well... I can't say the same. Emily is out for the blood of Sam Keating's murderer. If Emily knows that Bonnie is saying she killed Sam, that might be reason enough to kill her.

So when in doubt, don't doubt Bonnie. She might make you a little nervous sometimes, but she would never try to kill Annalise.

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