How to Clean Suede Skirts Without Actually Washing Them, Because That's A No-No

Suede skirts are a special form of skirts. Not only are they irresistible to touch, but they take a very specific technique to clean. Once you've got one in your closet, you'll have to learn how to clean suede without washing them, because throwing them in the machine is definitely not the way to go. And you can't just not own one because you don't want to worry about avoiding outside elements. After all, if you can't beat the mess, embrace it. Just learn how to clean it up.

Suede is actually a type of leather, which explains why skirts made of the stuff need more care and attention. And they should certainly not be thrown in the washing machine along with typical skirts or typical clothes. If Martha Stewart says don't wash or dry suede, you don't wash or dry suede. Instead, take a look at these ways to clean a suede skirt so it will last all through fall and winter.

Although suede is high maintenance and tends to show stains off as if your poor eating habits are something to brag about, it does not mean we should love the suede material any less. Instead, follow these simple tips for keeping your skirt clean and you can wear it all season-long.

1. Move Quickly

Reclaimed Vintage High Rise Mini Skirt In Real Suede, $81, Asos

The How To Clean Stuff Blog says the key to treating stains on suede is to do so quickly. If you're at brunch and your spill sriracha on your suede skirt, don't panic. First grab your napkin (and maybe all your friends napkins) to soak up as much liquid stain a possible. Pat, don't wipe, so you don't increase the circumference of the potential stain. Now, you can calm down and take care of the rest at home.

2. Use A Brush

Meurice Garment Care on YouTube

Martha Stewart enlisted Wayne Edelman of Meurice Garment Care in New York City to make the above video about treating stains on suede. Before you try any other form of cleaning, Edelman recommended taking take a brush to the dried stain (important to note the stain must be dry at this point) to see if it will simply wipe away. Always brush in the same direction as your suede. If the stain does wipe away, you're golden.

3. Try Corn Starch

Suede Skirt, $70, Z ara

If the stain does not wipe away, however, try covering the stain with lots and lots of corn starch, then allowing that to set for the length of an episode on Netflix. Then, brush the cornstarch away and cross your fingers the stain brushes away as well, again making sure to brush in the same direction as your suede. Repeat this step until the majority of the stain is gone.

4. Add Some Vinegar

Ecote Scalloped A Line Skirt, $169, Urban Outfitters

In the case there is still some stain left, employ the vinegar. Real Simple recommends diluting the vinegar with water, and pouring the mixture onto a cloth napkin rather than directly onto the skirt. Use a very small amount, otherwise the color of the suede might change. Again, dab the skirt, don't wipe. Then, brush the surface in the same direction let the skirt dry.

5. Call In The Pros

Vince Camuto Faux Suede A-Line Skirt, $119, Nordstrom

As a last ditch effort, call in the help of a professional. Take your skirt to the dry cleaners and explain the situation. They may have a solution that is beyond our washing machine/dryer knowledge. Whatever you do, however, do not become desperate enough to throw the stained item in the washing machine. Your suede skirt with thank you.

Images: Courtesy Brands