What Are Asher & Bonnie Doing On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? They're At The Crime Scene Like Everyone Else

Was there a company retreat for Annalise Keating's office at the Hapstall house, where the team bonding was everyone dying? Because I'm really confused why everyone was at the mansion where Annalise, Emily, and TBD other characters were injured. The newest arrivals on the How to Get Away with Murder crime scene are Asher and Bonnie. Yep, the whole gang was there — just not together — and I have no idea why. But, I have a feeling they were all there for different reasons, especially Bonnie and Asher.

Judging by how "Meet Bonnie" went, I wouldn't have seen Bonnie and Asher working together by any means. But, if there's any reason they'd be working together, it's because they want to stop Emily from exposing them for their illegal doings. Think about it. Emily was formerly on the Sam Keating murder case. She is still on the Sam Keating murder case. She wants to know who murdered him, and seems to be willing to go to any lengths to do so. She also knows about Trotter Lake, which Asher wants to hide.

So, maybe Asher and Bonnie teamed up to kill Emily before she exposed them for whatever she might have on them. It would make sense, since she's really digging up some old dirt. Plus, the look on Asher's face when Bonnie got into the car after running past Emily's body was pure horror. Like he had seen something. Or like he had shot someone. Just thinking out loud here. I mean, as Season 1 showed us, Asher's yet to be involved in a murder so it's about time he gets mixed up in one, I guess.

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Another reason Asher and Bonnie could be at the Hapstall house is for Annalise. Bonnie will go to great lengths to protect Annalise. Maybe Annalise called her and warned her something was going to happen, which is why Bonnie and Asher hurried over to the Hapstall house. It would explain why Bonnie was covered in blood, and Asher was so spooked.

But, do the other students know that Bonnie and Asher were at the house? If Wes, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel were all there, how could they not be aware that Asher and Bonnie were, too? Is everyone working together on something? Is this the ultimate team bonding exercise? Screw trust falls. Just shoot your boss and protect everyone else from getting in trouble for it.

Images: Greg Gayne/ABC