Fergie's Secret For Making Perfume Last Is Genius

If there's one thing I've learned in life thus far it's that when you have an opportunity to talk to Fergie, you take it. Fergie's new fragrance for Avon was just released and I had the opportunity to speak with her about the perfume, her work with the Avon Foundation to support breast cancer, and her daily beauty routine in general. Like I said: When Fergie speaks, you listen. And take notes. Fact of life. Write that one down, kids.

The new Avon perfume from Fergie, named Outspoken Party, isn't the "London Bridge" singer's first collaboration with the brand. She's also worked with the brand to create Outspoken, Outspoken Fresh, Outspoken Intense, and Viva by Fergie. There's a lot to keep track of scent-wise, yes, but it's Fergie, and I don't know about you, but having a Fergie-approved perfume fit for every occasion of my life is not something I'm going to complain about. Personally, yes, I would like to feel my most "Fergalicious" at every chance I get. Is that so wrong? From her morning beauty ritual of drinking a fresh green smoothie to the tricks and tips she's picked up from friends (and Avon) about how to make her perfume last as long as possible, Fergie knows what she's talking about, and we could all learn a thing or two.

1. On Making Perfume Last

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As someone who can never seem to get her perfume to stay on long enough, I was dying to ask Fergie if she had a tip to make perfume last. She answered and my whole perfume world pretty much changed after that.

"One of the tricks that I learned from one of my good friends is that when your hair is wet and you're out of the shower, just spritz a couple spritzes on your hair," Fergie says. "It just kind of stays with it." Fergie also mentioned another tip she's learned while creating Outspoken Party that kind of blew my mind. "Another thing that I learned from Avon is that you shouldn't rub your wrists together," Fergie says, noting that it dilutes the scent and it won't last as long.

2. On The Avon Foundation & Their Work To End Breast Cancer


Fergie has been working in collaboration with The Avon Foundation and their work to end breast cancer since for many years now, and she continues to support their efforts to fund research and support survivors and their families. When asked about one thing she's learned through her collaborations with the foundation, she answered thoughtfully and poignantly.

"Having supported the walks — actually doing them with my family in 2010 and 2012 — I got to talk to a lot of the survivors," Fergie says. "One thing that is great about all of this is that you're not alone, and you've got the support there. The support makes the fight that much easier, and you feel that much stronger. These women aren't victims, they're not feeling pity for themselves. They're feeling strong and they're fighting through this. And that's what I think that people need to know — you're not alone. You have support."

3. On Her Morning Beauty Routine & Green Smoothie

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When I asked Fergie if there's any one beauty step that she could do every single morning, she said without hesitation that it was her fresh green smoothie that she drinks daily, noting its incredible effects on her skin. "It's really good for me for circulation," Fergie says. Will I drink some smushed up vegetables to get skin that looks as good as Fergie's does? Yes, yes, I will. Gladly.

From perfume to the importance of joining the fight against breast cancer, Fergie had advice and insight that anyone could learn from, and I was impressed by her perspective on all of the above. And now... I'm off to drink my green smoothie.

Image: Courtesy Avon