Where To Buy Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani

When news broke of Gwen Stefani's collaboration with Urban Decay, the Internet lost its collective mind. Since then, the world has patiently been waiting to see when and wear they could get their hands on one. Thankfully, Stefani's new eyeshadow palette will be super easy to track down once it hits shelves. Although the palette is a bit more neutral than I would've guessed, it's an absolute winner worthy of ending up on your holiday wish list.

As far as where to shop, you can buy UD x Gwen at many makeup retailers, according to Allure. If you're hoping not to leave the house to add this palette to your makeup arsenal, ordering it from Sephora is a great option. The retailer offers free three-day shipping on all orders over $50 and also gives customers three free sample with every purchase.You can also snag the palette at Macy's while you're out doing the rest of your holiday shopping. Who knows — you might even find an outfit to rock with your new eye shadows at the same time! The palette will also be available at Ulta.

According to a post from Wende Zomnir the co-founder of Urban Decay, the palette is the result of countless hours of collaboration. With all the time and thought that went in to creating this rock-star approved palette, you won't want to miss it when it hits shelves on November 22.

Until the release, learn how to get this Stefani-inspired look with Urban Decay's Vice 3palette, which is perfect for landing a dramatic look in the meantime!

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