Gwen Stefani's Urban Decay Palette Is Awesome

When I first got wind of Gwen Stefani's Urban Decay collaboration, I was excited to see what crazy colors would be in store. To my surprise, Stefani's Urban Decay eye palette is actually pretty subtle, but that's definitely a good thing. There's a nice balance between neutrals and fun, bright shades. The colors in the palette match Stefani's new blue hair and make it easier than ever to experiment with some of the singer's beauty looks.

It would've been easy to make this collaboration all about a bunch of off-the-wall colors, but instead Urban Decay did what they do best — created an array of versatile shades, including super bright, Stefani-esque hues that are as wearable as possible. Founding partner and Chief Creative Officer of the brand Wende Zomir debuted the new release on Instagram and fans are already obsessing over the outcome.

According to Zomnir's post, it took "countless hours of collaborating and talking makeup" to come up with the 15-shade palette. Although 11 of those colors are neutrals, there are several bright, statement-making shades as well. The color combination matches Stefani's new blue, brown, and blonde hairstyle perfectly, and the palette even includes a bubble-gum pink, a bold red (like her signature lipstick), and a deep matte black.

Stefani is never one to hold back when it comes to her colorful beauty looks. It seems like there's no makeup style that the singer hasn't tried, but she always rocks a pop of color, whether she's opting for a neutral base or adding a punch of brightness. Here are some of her beauty looks that very well might have inspired this palette.

1. Bright Pink Lips

The pink hue in the palette is a perfect play off of the singer's signature lip color.

2. Blue Hair

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Among all the neutrals is a bring blue color that looks almost identical to Stefani's new 'do.

3. Exaggerated Eye

There's also a black in the palette for when you're feeling a bit fierce.

4. Shimmering Blonde

There's a sparkling golden shade that matches her signature hair color.

5. Natural Beauty

Stefani likes to remind us that she's also fabulous at nailing the neutral look, which is probably why there are so many of those shades in her newest makeup creation.

6. Ruby Red Hues

When she's not sporting bright pink lips, she's rocking a red hue. It's no surprise that she made the color part of her palette.

7. Light Grey Liner

The singer made sure to include a grey shadow to match some of her more casual looks.

Stefani's new makeup collaboration is spot-on and totally suits her style. She makes it easier than ever to channel some of her most memorable beauty looks.

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