Donald Trump Hair Tutorials For This Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween can be a tall order. Of course there is the opportunity to be a sexy bottle of Sriracha or a favorite celebrity — but there is also the chance to make your costume political. This is where Donald Trump hair and makeup tutorials come in. Whether it be in a serious or more comedic tone, Halloween can act as an opportunity to spread the word about a candidate or cause you love, and totally trash the ones you hate. Who doesn't love that? You can dress up as The Wage Gap or a package of birth control to show your interest in women's issues, or you can dress up as the political candidate you detest — and hype up their most absurd features. Who better to mock in good ole' Halloween fashion than Donald Trump?

Trump is an easy one to make a caricature of. Everything he says, does, and stands for is so outrageous it was almost laughable — until he very seriously started running for president. And although that is a terrifying notion, the best response (other than to go out and vote, and spreading the word about other politicians you support) is to perpetuate the joke he has made of himself, by sporting a Donald Trump Halloween costume. Now, find out below how to get the perfect comb-over, excessive under eye makeup, and the best orange glow imaginable.

1. It's All About Teasing

Who knew the perfect combover required so much teasing and hairspray? Donald, you truly have invested years of your life in your beauty routine. That time probably could have been spent forming opinions supported by facts of any kind. Props, though! Perhaps beauty blogger will be next on his list of random careers to pursue.

2. Everything To The Right

Donald Trump has so little time for diplomacy, but he certainly has a lot of time to get coiffed. According to the Talkaholic vlogger, the key is to pile it all on your head — and move it all to the right, of course — before you top it off with an American flag!

3. The Fold And Blow Method

According to very reliable resource, TIME, there is no hair part involved like a normal human's hairstyle. Instead, it's all about the fold and blow — aka fold your hair like some origami and blow dry it into submission. Instead of his typical talking it in circles until it falls over in confusion.

4. Master The Donald Pout

The duck face is necessary.

5. Wrinkles Are A Key Component

You can only furrow your brows while talking nonsensically about China so much before your face shows the evidence. So really go in on the wrinkle definition, here.

6. Optimize Orange Foundation Usage

And his iconic ghost white concealer.

Now you are ready to take on Halloween like Donald Trump, with a face full of questionable makeup and a literal gerbil on your head.