What's The Song In That Acura TLX Ad? This Track Shows Up In An Unforgettable Movie Scene

If you thought Nick Jonas’ "Jealous" was the only ode to the green-eyed monster to be released in 2k14, *cracks knuckles* get ready to learn a little something something. Enter: that jam from that Acura TV spot. You know which advertisement I'm talking about, right? It's the one with the car, the open road, the nature, and the word "jealous." So, what is the song in the 2015 Acura TLX commercial? It is “Jealous” by Drootrax and Rena. DJ/producer Drootrax and producer/singer/songwriter Rena released “Jealous” as a single back in 2014.

Do you remember the Magic Mike XXL voguing battle? Of course you do. Like anyone could ever forget such a spectacular scene (or any of the scenes from that perfect movie, for that matter). What does that MMXXL scene have to do with the music from the Acura ad? Don't you worry, dear pal, for we are seconds away from the answer: “Jealous” is the song that plays while the Xquisite guys dance-duke it out on the stage drag bar stage.

Are you ready to let glorious track wash over you? Be warned: You willwant to move your body while you listen to Drootrax and Rena's club-ready banger.

Rena on YouTube

Take me to the weekend, "Jealous."

Image: Acura/YouTube