7 Reasons Why LC Wins At Halloween Costumes

The countdown to Halloween has officially kicked in — and what's the topic of moment? Costumes. Some have been scheming about their spooky get-ups since September, while others plan to go DIY mode last minute. I happen to fall into the latter category — only I have no idea where to even begin. Enter LC. She went from living the fantasy life in The Hills to embracing her inner "basic" girl and now — Lauren Conrad is the queen of Pinterest-worthy Halloween costumes.

This week, Conrad gave us a sneak preview to her Halloween look on Instagram — she and her squad are taking "party animals" to the next level, complete with champagne and cat-eyes. The secret to slaying the costume game, Conrad style? Treating Halloween as your very own runway. There's no need to settle for a factory-made ensemble when you can simply whip up your own LC-inspired concoction within a few simple steps. All you need is a dose of creativity and a bit of leg room when it comes to experimentation.

The beauty of Conrad's costumes comes from the distinct "LC flair" she incorporates to each look. From mermaids to Minnie Mouse, Conrad has truly mastered the art of swoon-worthy costumes. Let's look back at some of her greatest hits, shall we?

1. Siren Song

Make an aquatic splash this Halloween and trade in those stilettos for a pair of fins. Conrad rocked the mermaid goddess combo last Halloween, seashells and all. And of course, there's no better time to sport LC's iconic beach waves than with a mermaid costume.

2. Tweet, Tweet

This is what happens when social media meets the sartorial world. Conrad brought the Twitter bird to life through the genius use of yellow tights and blue feathers. What's next — the Timehop dinosaur or the Yik Yak yak? (I'm secretly hoping for both).

3. Queens of the Jungle

Only LC would be able to mix antlers with elegant nude dresses (and champagne). If you're hunting for the perfect group costume this Halloween, then look no further: party animal meets sophisticated socialite is the most stylish hybrid to hit town.

4. Tooth Fairy

Here, we have the transformation of the ordinary tulle fabric into something extaordinary. The key ingredients to crafting the adult Tooth Fairy is all about adding in those dreamy, feminine touches.

5. Paranormal Activity

Leave it to Conrad to make a ghost look impossibly chic. Think dark eye makeup and tulle bows for an unexpected spin on your classic ghost costume.

6. The Disney Touch

Disney fanatics, prepare yourselves. Keeping in theme with her Minnie Mouse collection at Kohl's, LC was the picture of innocence as the one and only Minnie Mouse. Bonus points for the hair buns.

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