Are Hanna & Caleb Broken Up In ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6B? Ashley Benson Shed Some Light At NYCC

Somebody hold me, because I really don't think I can go on in a world without Haleb. Actually, I don't WANT to go on in a world where Hanna and Caleb are broken up on Pretty Little Liarswhich is something all of us here on Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave can agree on. And, unfortunately, it seems like the possibility that PLL's best couple might not have survived the five-year time jump is getting stronger every day. During the PLL cast's appearance at NYCC, Hanna herself, Ashley Benson, seemed to suggest that Haleb is broken up in Pretty Little Liars Season 6B. So — in case you were wondering — no, I am not OK.

Following the four-minute preview of the Season 6B premiere that was screened at NYCC, Benson was asked about what Hanna had done during the five years the series is skipping and that's when things got a little spoiler-y. The actress stated most of what fans already know, that Hanna moved to NYC and got into fashion, before almost letting the cat out of the bag. The actress started to say, "I was actually really upset," before catching herself and asking I. Marlene King if she could actually explain what she was upset about. What could Benson really be so upset about? Hanna was flying first-class in the preview and she lives in NYC, she's clearly doing well for herself. Or is she? Here are some of our thoughts on the possibility of a Haleb break up from the latest episode of the podcast:

Benson also revealed in an interview with Bustle's Sam Rullo that, while Hanna did go in a direction she was hoping for in the time jump, there was "personal stuff" that the actress didn't like and fans will "find out why" when 6B airs in January 2016. Personal stuff like a Haleb break up that we've ALL been dreading for months? Benson couldn't tease anything about Haleb in the time jump, aside from a quick "Go Haleb!" which could really go either way. Is she rooting for them to get back together or rooting for them to keep being the couple that we've known and loved for the past six seasons? I'm going to drive myself almost as crazy trying to figure this out than I did trying to figure out who Charles was.

The only things we know for sure, according to Benson's subtle responses, is that Hanna and Caleb did, in fact, move to NYC and get an apartment together during the time jump — and we'll see that during PLL 's time jump special on Nov. 24. But, other than that, it seems like Haleb fans should really start setting themselves up for heartbreak. I mean, I can't think of any other "personal stuff" in Hanna's world that might have Benson really upset. It's probably safe to assume that Ashley Marin is a live and well in 6B (How could I. Marlene King kill a wine mom off the show?!) and, while it could be something to do with Hanna's dad, I think she's kind of made peace with the fact that he's a HUGE jerk. Hanna's got a big heart, but she's not stupid and she's not going to waste her time feeling sad about her dad anymore.

It really seems like all of the signs are there to confirm a Haleb break up. Which, while I'm fighting back tears at the moment, might not be something to worry that much about. Pretty Little Liars fans know that Haleb is an OTP and, even if they are broken up when the series returns, they won't stay apart for long — even Benson said during her interview that Haleb "will always have a bond" whether they're together or not. I mean, a bunch of magical fireflies couldn't keep them apart when Caleb moved to Ravenswood, if they survived that insanity, they can survive anything. Do your worst, I. Marlene King.

Now, if you don't mind me, I'll be lighting a Haleb prayer candle until January.

Images: screengrab/ABC Family; you-re-my-wonderland, prettylittleliars/Tumblr