Carly's "Run Away With Me" Video Is An Adventure

Carly Rae Jepsen has been throwing down amazing pop hit after amazing pop hit this year. (Case in point: Her upcoming single "Your Type.") She's pushing the envelope when it comes to '80s-influenced music, but she's also giving us a lot of cool videos to go with it. (Oh, hey, Tom Hanks in "I Really Like You.") The latest visual, the "Run Away With Me" video, is a choose your own adventure of epic proportions. Oh, and there's emojis involved.

Using emojis — yes, emojis — to make decisions, you can help plan the course of the video. The interactive concept certainly raises the bar on creativity when it comes to music videos. It works especially well with "Run Away With Me," a joyous track in which Jepsen asks her love to pack a bag and escape with her. The cinematic theme is an undercurrent in the album. Back in August, Bustle spoke with Jepsen over email and asked if the recurring sense of adventure was inspired by any specific nighttime adventure. "More like many nights," Jepsen explained. "I think a lot of songs on the album are about capturing a feeling more so than about one specific day."

Jepsen hits on this sense of living in the moment when she belts, "Baby, take me to the feeling / I'll be your sinner, in secret / When the lights go out / Run away with me / Run away with me." And run away with her you can, at least in the music video. You can travel around the world with the singer, choosing destinations and activities with the click of the button. The best part is that, unlike the Choose Your Own Adventure books, there's no wrong path to take. Each decision lends to a different experience with the singer.

You can watch the "Run Away With Me" video — and choose your own adventure — above!

Image: Interscope (screenshot)