Petra May Get A Big Surprise On 'Jane The Virgin'

Oh, man — or as the narrator would more accurately put it, "Oh, baby." Petra is officially pregnant on Jane the Virgin, which means Rafael has a second child on the way. Or does it? Let's think about it, for a second. Is Rafael definitely the father of Petra's baby?

Things may seem like they're going according to (Petra's) plan, but there are a lot of factors at play here. I mean, this is Jane the Virgin we're talking about — we can't have ex-wives simply impregnating themselves with their ex-husband's sperm sample; that would be too easy. No, it has to come with an extra side of plot twist, and if we know anything about Petra, it's she has a rather unique combination of terrible ex-boyfriends, and some even worse luck. Could these factors combine to create some paternity ambiguity?

Besides, as showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman rather portentously said about Petra and Rafael in a Season 1 postmortem interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "She's a young woman; she doesn't need him to get her pregnant." That definitely leaves some wiggle-room with regards to who's the father of her child, so let's review the options to prepare for a potentially huge twist.


Remember when Petra slept with Roman to distract him, so she could facilitate her own escape of his kidnapping in the Everglades? That was near the end of Season 1, so it's very possible that Petra could be pregnant with his child without knowing it. And wouldn't that just be the best drama-rama? Imagine if Petra bore the child of her ex-husband's college roommate who she impaled, shortly after he impaled his own twin brother? It would be telenovela-level gut-wrenching, that's for sure...


Well, this is a bit on the unlikely side, since the last time we know Petra slept with Lachlan was back in "Chapter 11" (so several months ago). That said, their relationship has been quite the rollercoaster, complete with a sex tape and multiple betrayals, so maybe they had some sort of encounter that we don't know about yet (hey, the narrator never claimed to be all-knowing).


Now, hear me out on this one. I'm not saying Petra and Scott had some secret liaison (though that's entirely possible on this show). I'm just saying, the dude is shady, and he's the only one who knows Petra stole Rafael's sample. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying blackmailing her, so who knows what else he'd be willing to do if it could benefit his career in some way? Plus, he is the only one we know for sure handled the sample while it was out of Petra's possession (he put it with the other baby gifts), so it's entirely possible that he tampered with it in some way.

And besides, as the above .gif illustrates, he's kind of a jerk.

Someone Else

There are so many factors at play here. What if the fertility clinic messed up? They forgot they had a second sample, for crying out loud! There's also the fact that mere hours after stealing it, Petra basically got blackout drunk — leaving ample time for tampering. Someone like Sin Rostro could easily have pulled a switcheroo. Plus, we haven't seen him for a while, but you know who else is crazy enough to trick Petra into impregnating herself with his child? Uh, Milos — he's definitely got the means and motive to pull off a stunt of that magnitude.

Let the season-long Mamma Mia shenanigans begin!

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