'Jane The Virgin' Emoji Spoilers Hint At Fireworks

Just when you think you know what is going to happen on Jane the Virgin, the final moments of every new episode take a turn you couldn't see coming. Whether it is Mateo — Jane and Rafael's baby — being abducted by Sin Rostro, or Petra artificially inseminating herself with a turkey baster, Jane the Virgin is tough to predict. In the best way possible, of course. In an interview with Bustle, Yael Grobglas (Petra) says that Season 2 is full of even more twists and turns than last season, so we obviously need some Jane the Virgin Season 2 spoilers to make it though this "mind-boggling" season, right?

Fans of the show can agree that Petra is one of the more unpredictable characters on Jane the Virgin. In the Season 1 finale, Petra stole the remaining sample of Rafael's sperm and battled with artificially inseminating herself. After going back-and-forth, the deed was done after a call to room service asking for a turkey baster. How will Rafael respond to Petra's schemes? Could this be the thing to bring the former husband and wife back together for good? That's probably what Petra is hoping for, but I wouldn't count her chickens before they hatch.

Bustle asked Grobglas to tease what fans can expect from Jane the Virgin Season 2, using only emojis. Here's what she had to say.

You got that? These emojis look are just as "mind-boggling" as Grobglas promised. Let's try and decode them a little more, shall we?

Someone Gets Sick

There are a few things this emoji could mean. We know that Petra is pregnant, so this could tease that she gets morning sickness because of the baby, right? Or does it mean that someone else gets sick? Rafael had cancer in the past, plus there are a handful of other characters that this could reference. Either way, it isn't necessarily a promising emoji for one character.

Something Shady Happens To Petra

I think we can all agree that Petra is 100% the princess emoji, right? As for the "guardsman" or "scary beanie guy," as I call it, that can't bode well for newly pregnant Petra. Last season, Petra and her mother held a man hostage, who knows what this could mean for the woman who will do just about anything to get what she wants.

A Boat Blows Up?

Sound the alarms, because the only people I know on a boat on Jane the Virgin are Xo and Rogelio. Bomb + cruise liner + explosion = some major drama and tragedy coming our way.


Let's just assume this is all of us when Season 2 wraps up. Or from just trying to understand these emojis.

Images: Greg Gayne/The CW; Allison Piwowarski/Bustle (5)