Alexis Bittar's Store Display Is All About Trump

by Marc Cuenco

From ghosts, to witches, to zombies, there are dozens of monsters and creatures commonly associated with Halloween. But one designer company is taking things to the next level with its take on spooky holiday decor. Jewelry designer Alexis Bittar displayed Donald Trump mannequins in several of its store windows for Halloween and it's creepy, hilarious, and relevant at the same time. The company explained why it chose the leading Republican Presidential nominee to star in its latest storefront display.

For Halloween... we decided to do a Trump themed window in our stores to further highlight the insanity that spews from his Donald is decked out in Alexis Bittar jewelry, wearing a money suit marveling at how beautiful he is... SCARY. Let's hope he goes away soon.

The mannequins on display feature Trump with an over-sized paper mache head — obviously a nod to the GOP frontrunner's ego — and a suit printed with $100 bills. He is dripping with layers of Bittar's jewelry, including chains, pearl necklaces, and large bangles and wrist cuffs on each arm. Trump is even wearing earrings, because why not. The display also uses some of the Presidential candidate's quotes done in a comic style, such as "I mean part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich." Bittar's decision to use Trump's likeness for its Halloween store displays certainly isn't shocking, given how popular Donald Tump Halloween costumes will be this year. Plus, no one can resist using him as the butt of a joke, and it's not like anyone is going to whack these mannequins to bits like the Trump piñatas.

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LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

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