What WAS Up With Adele's Flip Phone In "Hello"?

It's safe to assume that you have already seen the sepia-toned wonderland that is Adele's "Hello" music video — the video has been viewed over 25 million times in less than 24 hours! And, contrary to what my mother thinks, it's obvious that I am not the only one who has been watching the music video on a continuous loop. From her gorgeous wardrobe to the dramatic hair-in-wind-tunnel movie star moments — I simply cannot look away. And I thought I knew everything about the "Hello" music video. In fact, I fancied myself a "Hello" expert! I knew every slow head turn, I could mimic Adele's diva waving hand-motions, and obviously I know all the lyrics (duh, that's a given). But after some minor digging one thing has become clear — there a lot of things I did not know about Adele's "Hello" music video.

The director and others involved in the project have been spilling amazing secrets and fascinating behind the scenes tidbits to outlets like Entertainment Weekly and Fusion, and I must say, the information is juicy. It turns out some major secrecy went into the creation of the "Hello" music video and with the world's freak out reaction, the secretiveness makes sense. The director shares where you can find Adele's fabulous coat (and you won't be happy with his answer) and we all finally found out the story behind the flip phone.

Here are the most interesting facts about Adele's "Hello" music video you didn't know.

1. That Darn Flip Phone

Anyone who has seen the music video likely wondered upon their first viewing: "What, really Adele? A flip phone? Is this 2003?" And its existence has caused many on the Internet to try and find deeper meaning in the flip phone. In actuality, the phone was chosen for it's aesthetic. Director Xavier Dolan talked about the flip phone with Fusion:

The use of flip-flop phones is coherent with the rest of my work. I can't get my head around filming iPhones — they’re too real, too identifiable with our everyday lives. Same for cars. I feel bad filming Toyotas and Kias. As soon as you film these elements, it’s like you’re shooting whatever commercial. I find them to be non-narrative elements.

So there you have it. Adele uses a flip phone in her music video because her director said so. Seems like a good enough reason to me.

2. The Song Had Its Own Trailer

One week before the "Hello" music video premiered, a thirty second "teaser trailer" for the song premiered during the an X Factor commercial break in the UK. I love that Adele was like "surprise bitches, I'm back."

3. A Director With Pedigree

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Xavier Dolan, the director of "Hello," has a pretty prestigious resume for only being 26 years old. He directed Mommy, which won the Jury Prize at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, and he dubs the voice of Stan from South Park for the French-Canadian market. A man with critical acclaim and a South Park contributor — he sounds like the man of my dreams.

4. The Video Was Shot In Secret

The six-minute video was shot primarily on location at a desolate farm outside Montreal, Canada. Director Xavier Dolan told Entertainment Weekly, most of the crew was kept in the dark about the star of the shoot until the first day of production. When everyone found out it was a music video for Adele, according to Dolan their reactions were, “Holy sh*t! We understand!” Basically the crew of "Hello" reacted how we would all react.

5. Adele's Key To A Good Performance Is Still A Secret

Director Xavier Dolan told Entertainment Weekly, "[Adele] sat down in that chair and I wanted her to cry and she was like, “I just need to listen to that one song.” Dolan never reveals which song made the songbird cry — but now I must know what song it was. Was it one her own songs? Was it "Graduation" by Vitamin C? That song always gets me crying.

6. The English Are Freaking Out About The Way Adele Makes Tea

In the music video, Adele makes a cup of tea by pouring hot water into a tea cup and then placing a tea bag into the cup. Maybe it's because I am American, but this seems totally normal to me since this how I make tea literally everyday of my life. But, apparently, this is sacrilegious across the pond. And the English seems to be freaking out about it a bit, if their tweets are any indication:

I still take bigger offense from the use of the flip phone.

7. Adele's Coat Is One Of A Kind

The coat that launched a thousand Internet searches will be tough to find since, according to the director, it's one of a kind. He explained, "I saw that piece of fabric in a couture shop so there’s only one," Dolan told EW. OK, consider my day officially ruined.

8. Adele Cried When She First Heard "Hello" On The Radio

Considering every other human being on the planet cried when they heard this song, it would make sense that, according to BBC, Adele cried when she first heard the "Hello" played on BBC1 Radio. "Hello" does that to people, it's just that powerful.

9. No One Wants To Challenge Adele

According to rapper Tinie Tempah, since Adele released her "Hello" teaser snippet, artists and record labels have been moving album release dates around so no one has to compete against Queen Adele. You slay, Adele.

If anyone needs me, I'll be belting out "Hello" and crying my eyeballs out like every other person on planet earth is today.

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