Add These Obscure Gems To Your Halloween Playlist

By now, your Jack-o'-lanterns have been carved, and your perfect costume has been chosen. That only leaves one task left for you to tackle before you can usher in All Hallow's Eve: crafting the the perfect Halloween playlist. I know I have my own personal favorites. For instance, I am fairly certain Halloween just won't come if you don't listen to "Thriller" and "Hotel California" at least once during October, but there are so many other spooky songs out there. Songs about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and dark deeds abound. There's no need to put "Monster Mash" on repeat when you can give your guests goosebumps with unexpected Halloween anthems that will make even your most zombie-like guests perk up.

Make your party a memorable one by plucking a few underrated songs from obscurity and turning them into new holiday classics. Halloween is just as much about being daring as it as about candy and scares, and your friends will appreciate you taking musical risks. From old-school numbers that deserve to be dusted off to modern songs that will get people on their feet, these 13 songs are perfect for Halloween. Have a listen for yourself, and just try not shiver at the awesomeness of these haunting tunes.

1. "L'il Red Riding Hood," Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried slowed down this classic tune, and, in the process, she emphasized the unsettling lyrics. There's an overwhelming sense of foreboding with this song that will make the hairs on your arms raise as Seyfried's gentle voice croons such an eerie tune.

2. "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings," Father John Misty

This song is as sexy as it is haunting. The girl in the song is more than a little death-obsessed, and she's dragging her lover along with her as her fantasies get darker and darker. (The fact that Aubrey Plaza stars in the video just makes the whole thing more perfect.)

3. "Old Haunts, New Cities," Typhoon

The rawness of this anthem to strange and lonely places is designed to get under your skin. By the time the band sings, "Love, it will haunt you/Whether or not you want it to/But for me, my only company are these ghosts that barely come to me/Only when I look for something else," you will be lost in this story of being haunted by lost loves.

4. "My Turn To Evil," Letters Vs. Numbers

Pick up the pace a little with a truly bleak voyage into the dark side. The lyrics are amazing, but it's the instrumentals that make this song such a perfect choice for Halloween.

5. "Bottom Of The River," Delta Rae

You can't go wrong with folk music during Halloween. The sound of chains can be heard in the background of this song, and their constant jangling will set your nerves on edge, even as Rae's smooth voice tries to sooth you.

6. "My Body's A Zombie For You," Dead Man's Bones

Who says you can't have a little romance with your scares? This song turns "I'll eat your brains!" into a downright sweet sentiment. Sort of.

7. "I Can't Decide," Scissor Sisters

Any Doctor Who fans in the house? If so, you'll recognize this as The Master's jam. The decidedly tongue-in-cheek song will get your party-goers dancing and laughing.

8. "Vampire Smile," Kyla La Grange

Obsessive love, vampire imagery, allusions to death — yep, this is pretty much the perfect song for your Halloween festivities. It's got all the sentiment of the holiday without being on the nose.

9. "A Handsome Stranger Called Death," Foe

This techno indie number mixes an electric sound with the kind of storytelling usually reserved for a folk tune. The song wouldn't be out of place in a slasher movie, or at your party.

10. "Dirty Night Clowns," Chris Garneau

This is a song about clowns. Do I need to say anything else? Don't let the deceptively boppy tune fool you; this is a creepy, creepy song.

11. "Monsters," Ruelle

I love songs from the monster's point of view, and that is exactly what Ruelle serves up in this tasty little number that is perfect for a bit slow dancing.

12. "Red Right Hand," PJ Harvey

Thanks to Crimson Peak, this version of Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand" won't stay obscure for long. Play it this year before it catches on.

13. "Anna," Will Butler

Loosely based on The Lady in White, a ghost said to haunt the Queen Mary, "Anna" has a killer hook and just enough of a ghostly undertone to make it not only a great song, but a conversation starter for your Halloween bash.

Queue up these underrated spooky songs and let the Halloween partying commence.

Image: Wendy Garner/Unsplash