Velvet Shoes Are A Fall Must-Have

Now that chilly temperatures are upon us, might as well take advantage of the season’s trends, right? Velvet shoes are a fall must-have, so if you don’t already own a pair — you better get on that. This fabric is perfectly soft and goes with anything and everything. Suede is a huge hit for fall, and you can purchase suede shoes, jackets and more — but velvet on the other hand, I feel like you never think of wearing it in nearly as many forms. You totally can, though.

You can find booties to creepers and more in this luxe fall fabric. If you hadn’t thought of wearing velvet shoes before, you’ll surely change your mind after you see these picks. If you love for your shoes to make a statement, these pairs are the way to go, because they come in a wide variety of colors. Emerald green, oxblood and even blue velvet boots are not only super chic, but are also available to shop now.

Check out nine different options for all of your velvet-y soft shoe wearing needs and get on board with this fall trend. If you’re anything like me, you’re already in love with everything else that’s popular this season, and I have a feeling that this will be no different. Your fall wardrobe is about to get so much better!

1. Velvet Lace-Up

Harper Lace-Up Velvet Boot, $85, Nasty Gal

I mean, how could you say no to these?

2. Green Velvet

Chelsea Ankle Boots, $62.70, ASOS

These will pair so nicely with all of the orange, brown and khaki pieces you'll be wearing this season.

3. Glamorous

Pinto, $160, Jeffrey Campbell

These ankle boots are begging to be dressed up.

4. Casual

Velvet Mary Jane, $18, Urban Outfitters

You can incorporate a little velvet into even the most laid-back looks.

5. Wedges

Wedges, $62.70, ASOS

This fall fabric comes in way more than just boots and flats. Give these velvet-y wedges a try, why don't you?

6. Wine Colored

Lake Geneva Bootie In Bordeaux, $77.99, ModCloth

It just doesn't get more fitting for the season.

7. Platform Sneakers

ORDEAL Heels, $50.16, ASOS

Take your sneaker game to a whole new level this fall with shoes like this.

Told you velvet was in. Now go on and get yourself a pair (or two!) of these amazing shoes.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)