A Ranking Of Bindi's Best 'DWTS' Performances

When Season 21 premiered, I was thrilled to see Bindi Irwin on Dancing With The Stars. At just 17 years old, she's a seriously impressive and resilient young woman who is already a dedicated wildlife conservationist. Before the show I mostly associated Bindi with the outdoors, and I wondered how she'd fare on the dance floor. When I tuned in for the premiere, I quickly got my answer: pretty darn well. Bindi's best dances on Dancing With The Stars represent a variety of styles, but they all illustrate her energy and strength as a dancer.

Bindi was just eight years old when her father, Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter, passed away. The two were incredibly close, and it's clear that he continues to greatly influence both her life and her dancing — Bindi has already paid tribute to him several times this season. But she's also established herself as a true star in her own right. Although her technique has improved every single week, she arrived at Dancing With The Stars with a skill that's nearly impossible to teach — stage presence and the ability to convey strong emotions through her dancing.

Bindi is surely not going home anytime soon and I can't wait to see what other amazing performances she has in store for us. For now, let's take a look back at her best dances of the season. Here's a ranking of Bindi's most memorable performances:

5. "Movin' On Up" (Quickstep)

Although this wasn't her best performance of the season, Bindi's ability to pull off complex, fast-paced footwork (in high heels, no less!) is seriously impressive for someone who had no prior training — and her energy on the dance floor is always contagious.

4. "You Shook Me All Night Long" (Tango)

In this week 2 performance, Bindi established herself as a contestant to watch. Her technique has only improved since then, but her amazing stage presence was already apparent and she already looked right at home on the dance floor — which is something you can't really teach.

It was "Hometown Glory" week and Bindi explained that the song "You Shook Me All Night Long" is not only one of her late dad's favorites, but they used to dance to it together: “I remember when I was really little, dancing to that song with dad. It means everything to me.”

3. "Hold My Hand" (Cha Cha)

Partner switch-up week can be challenging, but Bindi didn't miss a beat. The cha cha is the perfect dance style for her, because it allows her to utilize her strengths as a dancer — energy and fast-paced technique.

2. "Every Breath You Take" (Contemporary)

If this routine didn't make you cry, then you either a) are lying or b) happened to miss the week 4 episode. For the "Most Memorable Year" theme, Bindi chose 2006 — the year she lost her beloved dad. Not only was this performance incredibly beautiful and moving, but it proved that Bindi can pull off emotional, slower-paced dances just as well as she can tear up the dance floor with her signature bounce and smile.

1. "I've Had The Time Of My Life" (Rumba)

It's not easy to take an iconic dance and make it your own — but Bindi and Derek did just that with their rendition of the famous Dirty Dancing routine. Could the lift have been any more perfect? Nope. This performance earned the pair 10s from all four judges, and their perfect score was well-deserved.

Bindi's natural talent, strong work ethic, and sweet personality have rightfully made her a fan favorite — and I'm sure she'll continue to impress us for the rest of the season.