19 Glorious Plus Size Tights & Knee High Socks

As a fat woman who is also a lover of dresses and skirts, there's been one accessory that's remained somewhat difficult to find despite the recent boom of size inclusive fashion: Plus size tights (and plus size knee high socks, actually). There's been more than one occasion when I've purchased supposedly "plus size" or "queen size" or "extended size" or "husky" stockings on the Internet, only to rip them immediately — their stretch factor too weak to accommodate a butt that's the width of two small people. As for thigh-highs, well, trying to get those babies over thicker calves is usually more difficult than choosing between a seasonal PSL at Starbucks or your beloved and ever-faithful Chai tea latte.

Finding plus size tights and socks isn't impossible, though. You just need to know where to look. The thing about tights, IMO, is that they're an autumnal staple. I personally count the days until I can ditch my denim shorts and summer florals in exchange for cozy wool tights the color of fall leaves. And there's just so much potential for experimentation. From neon hues to lace details to polka dot accents to tie dye blends, tights usually come in every color combination and pattern your sartorial mind can come up with. That is, if you're not plus size.

The fashion world is slowly catching up, however. This means fall 2015 has more tights and knee-high sock options than arguably ever before, starting with these 19 beauties. Now, excuse me while I go put on some striped red and white pantyhose and channel the Mad Hatter.

1. Baby Blue

Open Stitch Knee-High 2 Pack Socks, $14.48,

Carry the pastel trend into fall with these delightful baby blue knee-highs.

2. Dose Of Sexy

Beguile a Minute Tights, $25.99,

These tights are the dapper accessory you've been waiting for.

3. So Fall

Knee-High Socks Set, $13.48,

Burgundy is fall's favorite hue, of course.

4. Polka Dot & Lace

Dotted Back Lace Tights, $18.95,

You can combine two beloved sartorial details into one with these polka dot and lace tights.

5. Colors Of The Rainbow

Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights, $15,

This shade of purple is obviously stupendous, but the beauty of We Love Colors is that its tights come in every color imaginable.

6. Essential Knits

ASOS Curve Melange Rib Tights, $14.33,

These ribbed tights will keep you cozy this season while providing the perfect foundation for an adorable boots, skirt, and tights combo.

7. Diamond Darling

Textured Diamond Tights, $18.95,

These are almost certainly Blaire Waldorf approved.

8. Hippie At Heart

Plus Sized Splash Color Tights, $12,

Festival season might be long gone, but your love for all things counterculture doesn't have to disappear with the coming of the chill.

9. Boudoir-y

Intricately Exquisite Tights, $14.99,

If these don't make you feel like an extra in Moulin Rouge, then I don't know what will.

10. Vintage Ruffles

Knee-High Ruffled Socks, $14.50,

There's something almost Victoriana about these, no?

11. Alice, Is That You?

Plus Size White Striped Tights, $13,

These tights come in a vast array of color combinations, all of which will have you feeling like Alice in Wonderland.

12. Suspender Me That

ASOS Curve Plain Stripe Suspender Tights, $14.33,

Add a dose of handsomeness to your chic autumnal look.

13. Bear Hug

Bear Face Tights, $16.50,

Because who wouldn't want to look down and see an adorable bear face throughout the day?

14. Fishnet-ing It Up

Plus Size Nylon/Lyrca Fishnet Pantyhose, $10.50,

I know, I know. We should all be responsible and forgo the fishnets in cold weather in exchange for knit blends. But these are just too perfect to pass up — especially when you consider the many shades they're available in.

15. Subtlety

Put to Good Spruce Tights, $25.99,

There's nothing like a fun yet subtle detail to complete any outfit.

16. Almost '80s

ASOS Curve 80 Denier Burgundy Tights, $10.75,

This brighter burgundy hue might just make you feel like you're an extra in The Wedding Singer, in the greatest of ways.

17. Gray Days

Speckle Knee High Socks, $12.50,

You can glamorously complement the cloudier days of almost-winter with these ones.

18. All Things Baroque

Baroque Patterned Tights, $18.95,

If you live for quirky details, look no further than these baroque tights.

19. '70s Trend

Harlequin Trouser Socks, $10,

These thigh-highs are more '70s than anything I've seen in fast fashion stores since the decade's sartorial renaissance earlier this year, and I love them dearly.

So if you live for the glory that is tights and knee-high socks but thought they were still an impossibility for plus size women, think again.

Images: Courtesy Brands