The Transcript Of Justin Bieber's MTV EMAs Speech For Best Male Was Super Humble & Sweet

Well, that's one way to start the night off right! At the Europe Music Awards on Sunday, the first EMAs award of the evening went to Justin Bieber for Best Male and the singer's speech was super humble. Although he didn't cry like he did at the MTV VMAs, you can tell Bieber is still super appreciative that the world seems open to accepting him as a legitimate musician again. Anyone with ears can tell you that his recent singles have been in a league of their own, proving that Bieber's comeback is fierce and he's here to stay. And, Bieber is just grateful that his music is being recognized for its own merit.

His acceptance speech was off-the-cuff but also heartfelt, which is hard to do. Read for yourself and see:

Wow, thank you. It's been a long couple of years. I just feel like this is pretty awesome to be recognized for my music, you know? First of all, I just want to say thank you to all my fans. You guys are really incredible. I want to thank my mom and my dad and God and everybody who helped me get to this place. I don't really know what else to say. I'm pretty much just winging it right now, but I love you. Thank you.

Although Bieber has had his problems in the past, he seems to have made it through to the other side, and he's just dedicating himself to making good music for his fans and the people he loves. A couple of years ago, you probably wouldn't have used the word "humble" to describe Bieber, but these days he's all that and more, and I'm having a great time watching his resurgence in the music industry. He definitely deserved to win Best Male, and I'm happy he got to start the night off with a bang and a sweet speech.