Carlos Has Some Thoughts On Alexa's 'DWTS' Partner

After 20 seasons of Dancing With The Stars, the producers knew they had to spice things up a bit. Enter Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, DWTS' first married couple to compete (albeit against each other) on the show. Both are phenomenal dancers, and I honestly don't know who is going to come out on top. What I do know is that they're both super supportive of each other, even though the nature of Dancing With The Stars is that you spend long hours in close contact with someone who is not your spouse. It has to be hard, so what does Carlos think of Mark Ballas (Alexa's partner), and is Alexa jealous of Carlos spending time with Witney Carson?

In short, the answer is that neither of them really seems to care about the other's partner. I mean, they care and everything, but Carlos and Alexa are so confident and secure in their relationship that they're not going to let a little matter like different Dancing With The Stars partners get in their way. People magazine knew that there was an interesting situation here with Alexa and Carlos both married and competing, so they asked the duo to write some reaction blogs about their experiences on the show, and, in his first entry, Carlos touched on how jealousy affects performance. He wrote:

The main thing that concerned me was the fact that Lex was going to potentially have another guy groping her on the dance floor for the next three months. I wasn't sure I could handle that. But, I learned very quickly that just because dance is a very intimate sport, it doesn't mean anything once the song is over. It wasn't until we started rehearsal and I was grabbing Witney that I realized that. Your mind doesn't even go there. You're just focused on getting the steps right and doing well.

I totally get how you could be worried about your partner falling for someone that they’re so intimate with on stage — it’s the equivalent of actors falling in love on set because they’re playing a part when the cameras are rolling. What I am glad to see, though, is that it clicked in Carlos’ head that he’s doing the same dancing with Witney Carson, and you’re totally not thinking about sex or love when you can’t get a move down in your paso doble. It’s also worth noting that Alexa didn’t say anything about being jealous of Witney in her entry.

So, Carlos and Mark? Witney and Alexa? Things are totally cool between this dancing foursome, as they well should be. The one thing that this married couple could fight about? The competition! Alexa scored the first perfect score of this season of Dancing With The Stars, entrenching her place on the show and making her husband a little nervous. He said in one of his entries, “I'm also a little nervous she's going to kick me out of the competition. She's a freaking good dancer. I saw her rehearsing the other day, and I was blown away.”

They’re certainly keeping things interesting in the PenaVega household. May the best contestant win the Mirror Ball Trophy and lots of foot rubs.