Lady Gaga Matches Her Makeup To Her T-Shirt

It doesn't get any more seamless and effortless than this. Lady Gaga matched her makeup to her T-shirt and it looked like a total accident... well, a totally fabulous accident. Gaga had been rocking vintage rock 'n' roll tees all summer long, but she took that style signature to a whole other level in this selfie, since everything was so effortlessly coordinated.

I bet Mother Monster just threw on the tee, added a bit of basic makeup, which isn't the usual for her, and didn't even realize that she indirectly and easily coordinated an entire look. Gaga donned a white T-shirt with the black and red logo of '80s metal band Anthrax, and notice that Ma Monster knotted the shirt on the side to give it a more custom feel.

But let your eyes migrate upwards. Gaga's rosy red lips match the scarlet stripes in the logo. Her black liner and mega lashes match the font color. Her white blonde hair coordinates with the base color of the shirt. However, none of this look is matchy-matchy or cheesy. It's just a simple 'n' sexy rock chick look. Leave it to Gaga coordinate in a way that looks both artful and happenstance at once.

The best thing about the look, IMHO, is her lips. The color is statement and bold and the shape is full. But it's not a perfectly painted or angular pout either.

Wanna copy this look? It's so easy to do something similar without being an exact replica.

You can scour eBay, thrift stores, or online shops for a vintage heavy metal tee. Or you can just grab one from a band's merch store. Proceed to hack off the collar and the sleeve hems with fabric scissors for a curled, more feminine look. I picked the same band that Gaga wore on her person! ($22,

Add a slick of Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69 so your lips and the shirt have equal red power! ($22,

Layer on four coats —at minimum— of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara for thick, fluttery, rock 'n' roll lashes. ($23,

You will be instant rock chick glam, with plenty of requisite glam and without having to rely on an all-black ensemble. This look is perfect for rocking out in a seedy club with boys and girls with guitars.

Images: Courtesy Brands (2)