How To Be The 'GoT' Shame Nun For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and Game Of Thrones enthusiasts are on the hunt for the perfect costume to honor GoT's best characters. Well, the most memorable scene of Season 5 was undoubtedly the walk of shame that a broken Cersei Lannister was forced to take, as a get out of jail "free" card. A nude and humiliated Cersei was certainly memorable enough on her own, but it's not really tasteful to go as her for Halloween. But, the real star of that scene was arguably, the nun who rang the bell while saying "shame" over and over again. So, I am here to give you the tools to create the perfect Shame Nun costume for this Halloween — because you know you want to go as her.

Septa Unella quickly became known as the Shame Nun by show fans everywhere, and also won her way into our hearts as the scariest and most amazing character we have seen in ages. Who doesn't love an angry, yet surprisingly stoic lady with a bell following them around saying, "shame" over and over again? (Except Cersei, of course.) There are not a lot of elements to this costume, so it's good for a budget and easy to throw together at the last minute. Just make sure you bring your most disapproving expression along for the ride.

Here's what you will need:

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1. A Gray Dress

Gray Maxi Dress, $17, Amazon

Like this one. Or maybe you already have a gray maxi dress laying around. Whatever you choose, it should be pretty conservative and a bland shade. Or, you can just buy a full nun costume which comes with the headpiece too. I found one here that should fit the bill and is only like $12.

2. A Gray Head Dressing/Wrap

Gray Scarf , $8, Amazon

Shame Nun has an intense head wrap. You can create this look by wrapping a gray scarf all the way around your head and pinning it at the front.

3. An Annoying Bell

Metal Christmas Bell, $6, Amazon

This is crucial. Make sure you get a bell loud enough for the entirety of King's Landing to hear. You need to ring out some shame! Do it loud and do it proud! I suggest something like this bell to really do the job right. Don't worry about losing friends, the Shame Nun doesn't.

4. A Supremely Judgmental Expression

This part is free! Just plaster on your most stoic, yet judgmental facial expression and never deviate from it. This is really important. Do not, I repeat, do not smile. Shame nuns don't smile. They just disapprove.

One of the best parts of dressing up as the Shame Nun this Halloween will be your ability to shame people wearing culturally/racially shameful costumes with complete reckless abandon! Have fun!

Images: Macall B. Polay/HBO; Giphy; OASAP; Blue Banana; Amazon; Halloween Megastore