Petra & Rafael Could Reunite On 'JTV'

There are two teams for Jane the Virgin fans, Team Rafael or Team Michael. Currently, Jane Villanueva is sitting pretty between the two men. The back-and-forth of who will she choose remains a mystery. Meanwhile, we have Petra, who is pregnant with Rafael's baby (by way of turkey baster). Petra's relationship with Rafael has been crumbling since the first episode of the first season, but with the two of them — most likely — connected through a baby, a possible relationship rebuild may be on the horizon. Yael Grobglas, who plays Petra, tells Bustle in an interview that Petra's pregnancy on Jane the Virgin is a huge thing for her, for many different reasons.

"If she does end up having Rafael's baby, this means that they're linked... They are a family, in a way," Grobglas says. Grobglas, who believes that Petra has loved Rafael from the very beginning, shines a light on how much of a hit their relationship has taken since the show began to air. "Their relationship started from a very passionate and loving place," she says. "She got swept off her feet by this amazing Prince Charming... they wanted a child, and everything was going very well." That's when things shifted for the couple, which might be the reason Petra has a chip on her shoulder.

"She had a miscarriage and he got sick... he kind of fell out of love with her," Grobglas says. "I think that is something that has left her very deeply wounded. She has a very tough time realizing how he could give up on her so easily."

But can a baby really bring these two back together? "I think the big part of [Petra artificially inseminating herself] is to make him realize that he does love her — maybe he just forgot," Grobglas says.

As for Petra's future baby, Grobglas says that the fact that Petra has previously suffered from a miscarriage must factor into how she is feeling now. "I think she must be afraid and happy, and afraid of that happening again... And she doesn't want to be a mother at this moment in her life, but she's probably scared of ending up on her own." Grobglas concludes, "There must be a lot she's going through."

How Rafael fits into Petra's new surprise is yet to be determined, but Grobglas is rooting for a reunion of Petra and Rafael. "I'm Team Michael," she says of her stance on who Jane belongs with. "Personally, I love all the characters, but I think [Jane] and Michael were such a cute couple and would return to such a cute couple. I just want that to happen."

"But, if I'm talking as Petra, I'm also Team Michael because Petra wants to get back together with Rafael. There's a little motive there..." That's the Petra we know and love.

Images: Patrick Wymore/The CW; Greg Gayne/The CW