7 Emotional Stages Of Putting Hair In A Top Knot

Of all the #IWokeUpLikeThis styles I simultaneously love and struggle with, the top knot is my number one. If you, too, are crazed for the effortless, messy chic look, I suspect you'll understand the emotional stages of putting hair in a top knot. From stray bobby pins to unnecessary bumps to a plain old ugly knot, the struggle is just too damn real.

The thing that bugs me the most about top knots is how the ones where I try the least seem to work out the best. Like, how is that even fair? Whereas, the top knot I spend an hour meticulously pinning and spraying and reshaping is always an overdone disaster. Whyyyyy?

Despite my love-hate relationship with this particular hair style, it's one I rock (or, well, attempt to rock) at least several times a week. Because, when done right, is anything cuter on a messy hair day?

Whether your top knots have you in tears or you've mastered the art and are snapping selfies to prove it, you're bound to have experienced all the emotional stages below.

And if you're a top knot rookie, prepare for all the feels and emotions to come as you start attempting. Good luck!

1. Casual Determination

It's a top knot, how hard can it be?

2. Slight Concern

Is this hair tie even going to wrap around again? Should it wrap again?

3. Glimmers of Hope

Bobby pins, you need bobby pins. This can still be salvaged! Right?

4. The Downfall

Literally. It's as if your head has rejected the top knot and pushed it out. Why hair, why?!

5. Determination Anew

This time, you're a little less confident, but a little more ready to get it over with.

6. Whatever

Hairs are falling, pulling, and twisting uncomfortably. But you're gonna freaking finish this and get out the door so it doesn't matter.

7. Confused Pride At Succeeding

Why does less caring equal better top knots?! There are some things we're not meant to understand in this life, and the mystery of the top knot is one of them.

Image Credit: Lindsey Rose Black