She definitely followed through with her promise! Kylie Jenner's green hair is back and she happily re-introduced her much-loved shade on Instagram. If you follow Jenner on social media, you'll remember that she teased about going back to her green locks just a week ago.

"Green has been my favorite so far," Jenner said. Def making a come back in the next few weeks." A few days later... BAM! She's sporting green hair again, which could most definitely be a wig. In fact, it probably is since she made that major blunt bob chop just last week. In an Instagram video and series of Snapchats, Jenner's hair is slightly covered up by a white baseball cap (to match her white workout top, of course), but the mint green locks are clearly visible.

In a blog posted last month, Jenner admitted that she's addicted to changing her hair color. We all know how adventurous she is when it comes to her locks, so it's no surprise that she has gone back to green, at least temporarily, especially since it's her go-to color. I personally love when Jenner's hair is jet black or when she goes full-on mermaid on us, but I have to give it to her for confidently rocking her green colored locks.

Here's another look at Kylie Jenner's green hair from one of her Snapchat vids:

And another that shows how her full workout outfit:

Eating watermelon and rocking the green like a boss:

Jenner will change her hair soon enough, but let's all take a moment to enjoy her glorious green hair for now.