What Guys Really Think Of Period Sex


To have period sex, or not to have period sex — that is the question many women face every 28 days or so. For some, it's simply a no-brainer: Period sex is effing amazing. Forget the mess it may leave; period sex comes with extra (and natural) lube, heightened horniness, and a great excuse for hopping in the shower together. But for some women, it's uncomfortable or nerve-wracking, or the stigma around menstruation gets in the way, or they think their partner wouldn't be into it.

But is that really true? Is period sex that big of a deal to the people we're sleeping with? Of course, if having sex on your period is something you're just uncomfortable with, that's totally fine. But if you want to try it, but are afraid your partner would be grossed out, it may be time to reconsider. Have a chat with them, and see what they think.

To weigh in on the period sex pros and cons, I asked some guys who have had period sex to share their experiences about what it was really like. As you'll see, a lot of guys not only don't think it's a big deal, but some even think that it's more intimate. Read on for some true tales of period sex.

1. Aiden, 29

2. Sam, 27

3. Kyle, 25

4. Keith, 40

5. Kevin, 33

6. James, 32

7. Steve, 34

8. Mitchell, 27

9. Jason, 32

10. Sal, 31

11. Joe, 25

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