15 Must-Have Earrings For Single Ear Piercings

These days, it is not uncommon to see ears full of mixed and matched piercing combinations, from industrial bars to rooks to tragus hoops. I, too, am guilty of having ears full of novelty single ear piercings and to be honest, I've been itching for another (currently on the fence about starting a triple forward helix).

As many preteens do, I began begging my mom for more piercings at age 12. A few straight-A report cards later, she rewarded me with a trip to get my second holes at Claire's in the mall, where I was on display for all to see that needle gun puncture my precious lobes.

Since then I've joined the ranks of other women sporting ears adorned from cartilage to lobe in the most unique piercings and jewelry. There doesn't seem to be a spot left where you can't rock some gorgeous earrings these days. When you're dying for some serious ear candy that'll drive you to the nearest piercing parlor, get inspiration from these 15 single piercing earrings.

1. Daith Heart

Love is in the air!

2. Flower Top

We'd like our diamonds in the shape of a flower, please and thank you!

3. Cartilage Cuff

Switch out those typical hoops and studs in your cartilage and slip in a dangling earring to create your own unique cuff.

4. Snug Barbell

Sweet and simple.

5. Ray of Sunshine

How could you not fall in love with these bursting suns?

6. Blinged Out Hoop

Everyone deserves some bling!

7. Lovely Rook

I'm in love with this elegant rook jewelry.

8. Under the Sea

Getting major beach vibes from the seashell-esque gem combo!

9. Gem Cluster

Why stick with one gem when you can have a cluster?

10. The Trinity

Three is such a magical number.

11. Triple Forward Helix

Currently speechless from this beautiful helix combination.

12. Sunflower Power

This stud is large and in charge.

13. Flower Garland

Didn't I mention flower power was a thing?

14. Cartilage Hoop

Can you ever go wrong with a feather? Seriously.

15. Leaf Lover

Graced by Mother Nature's beautiful touch!

Good luck trying not to run out to the piercing parlor immediately.