Karlie Kloss's Vogue China Cover is Pretty In Pink

When it comes to gracing the cover of magazine, not many models can say they've appeared on almost every Vogue edition, but this 23-year-old can. Karlie Kloss covered Vogue China for their October issue, making it her third lead shot for the magazine. Out of her 15 worldwide Vogue covers, this could just be her most radiant yet.

Helping Vogue China celebrate its 10th anniversary, Kloss graced the cover outfitted in a pink blouse and chunky jewelry that made for a striking shot. Although this isn't her first Vogue China cover, it's by far the most va-va-voom. It might actually be the sultriest cover she has ever done. With big hair and glowing skin, I can't think of a more gorgeous star for the mag to feature on this special issue.

She didn't just help the publication celebrate by appearing on the cover, either. Kloss attended the 10th anniversary party at the Shanghai Exhibition Center and seemed excited to be there, according to her Instagram picture. The model looked gorgeous in a pale yellow two-piece. The mermaid-style gown was much different than what she wore on her cover shot, as was the star's up-do, but the 23-year-old looked classic and timeless. Isn't that what Vogue is all about?

Kloss is by far no stranger to Vogue covers. She been on the cover of 16 out of 21 international editions, some more than once. That's pretty impressive. Check out some of her Vogue cover shots.

1. American Vogue

Looking like T.Swift's twin.

2. Vogue UK

Dressed as a smooth-haired '70s goddess.

3. Vogue Italia

Showing off her bum just in time for the holidays.

4. Vogue España

All dressed up in fiery red.

5. Vogue Brasil

Making silk look totally appropriate for strutting around the rainforest.

6. Vogue China

Bringing Little Red Riding Hood style to life.

7. Vogue Russia

Channeling her inner dancer.

8. Vogue Australia

Getting a little wet and wild down under.

9. Vogue Deutschland

Looking completely unlike her normal, everyday self.

10. Vogue Korea

In a two piece with too many hats.

11. Vogue Turkey

Walking half-naked in a sexy get-up through the desert.

12. Vogue Japan

Resembling a high-fashion vampire.

13. Vogue Thailand

Rocking out with her iconic bob.

14. Vogue Netherlands

Bringing back '80s jewelry.

15. Vogue Portugal

Waving her long, gorgeous locks.

Oh, the many faces of Karlie Kloss.

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