Quirky & Stylish Storage Solutions For Apartments

Apartment living is a blessing and a curse: It's great because apartments are usually smaller than houses so there's less to clean and less room to accumulate too much junk, but it's tricky finding room for your treasured belongings. I quickly discovered attractive storage solutions for apartments when I moved to a smaller space. After flying the nest and flitting in and out of my parents' houses, the only homes I have lived in when not living underneath a parental roof, have been apartments.

A lot of apartments are short on space, unless of course you live in a penthouse apartment or a loft, so you're going to need to maximize the space that you have. If you are renting, it's a good idea to bear in mind that you may not be in your current home forever, so you're going to want furniture and other storage solutions which aren't all huge and which make clever use of the space and future spaces you may have – not to mention the space they take up in the removals van or the back of your friend's car on moving day.

So here is a selection of storage solutions for small spaces to help you make the most of your home.

1. The Storage Crate Cabinet

It can be quite tricky to add some rustic vibes into a modern apartment but with this storage crate cabinet it's a piece of cake.

Rustic Wooden Bathroom / Bedroom Storage Cabinet, $47.93+,

2. The Stacking Table

This versatile table could be used as a side table in a living room or as a night stand in the bedroom and it can store your items too. Its sleek, white design lends it a futuristic luxe feel.

Ikea PS 2014 Storage Table In "White", $69,

3. The Magazine Wall Rack

Are you tired of magazines littering your coffee table? Keep them organized with a handy wall rack such as this industrial style.

Magazine Wall Rack, $19,

4. The Invisible Bookshelf

Show off your favorite books with this kooky "inivisible" bookshelf that gives the illusion that your books are floating in mid-air.

Invisible Floating Bookshelf, $32.90,

5. The Tree Clothes Rack

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees, especially if you've got so much stuff! Showcase your favorite pieces that you love right now on this stylish clothes rack which won't take up any extra room as it attaches to your wall.

Tree Clothes Rack, $98,

6. The Shoe Storage Bench

One can never have enough shoes but instead of cramming them into the bottom of your already overflowing wardrobe or keeping them in a messy pile by the front door, organize them in this shoe storage bench. Instead of hopping around to try and fasten your shoes, take a seat and quickly secure your footwear to avoid any early morning trips. This design can be stained or painted virtually any color so you can even have it made to match your color scheme.

Adjustable Shoe Storage Bench, $180,

7. The Adorable Antler Rack

Hang up your clothes in the hall or showcase your necklaces and scarves in the bedroom with this sweet, cast iron antler rack.

Antler Coat Rack, $25.50,

8. The Hidden Storage Footstool

Conceal items within this footstool so that your guests will always be wondering why your place is so neat and tidy. Use it to store blankets, magazines, or children's toys and then prop your feet up for a well deserved rest. You can purchase covers in a range of colors to change the shade as and when you desire.

Kivik Footstool With Storage In "Dansbo Dark Gray," $199,

9. The Hall Stand

Hall stands are investment pieces but speaking from experience, they are worth every cent. A hall stand manages to fluidly cover a range of bases while taking up little room. This particular design is handmade and encompasses: a bench, a storage compartment, hooks for coats, and a top shelf. You could even add a mirror to your hall stand for a last minute glance at yourself before you leave the house.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Hall Stand, $375+,

10. The Floating Shelf

Looking for a truly quirky shelf which takes up little space? This eccentric floating shelf should do the trick.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf, $69,

11. The Storage Bench

Swap dining room chairs for a storage bench or two to maximize every inch of your space.

Flip-Top Storage Bench, $175,

12. The Metal Trolley

Keep a metal trolley tucked away or on display in the room of your choice. Use it to assist you when entertaining guests and give true meaning to the phrase, "trolley dolly." Interior design fans have been going nuts for the on trend metal trolley and there are tons of ways to put your own unique spin on them.

Metal Storage Trolley, $263.23,

13. The Countertop Shelf

Make use of your kitchen countertops and store upwards with this cute, countertop shelf. Arrange all of your best crockery and kitchen accessories together to transform your once bland countertop into a stylish area which shows off your personal taste.

Kassita Countertop Shelf, $49,

14. The Rustic Wine Rack

Let's face it, apartments don't tend to come equipped with a lot of kitchen storage spaces and when you share with others, cupboard space is literally rationed out. Think outside of the box and purchase a reclaimed wine rack made from recycled pallets. This is one piece of furniture you and your flat mates are bound to agree upon.

Rustic Wine Rack Reclaimed Wood Made From Recycled Pallets 100cm, $50.29+,

15. The Hidden Bar

When closed, this looks like any normal wall storage unit but when opened, a dinky mini bar is revealed. Who says you need a full sized bar taking up half of your living room when you got one of these babies?

Gunnar Wall Bar Storage, $189,

16. The Ceiling Clothing Rack

If your wardrobe is over flowing or you don't have room for a wardrobe, don't forget about your vertical space! This awesome rack can hold up to 50 pounds of clothing and accessories which should free up your floor space.

Ceiling Clothing Rack, $129,

17. The Storage Bed

If your bed has seen better days, invest in a storage bed to make use of what would have previously been dead space. You can use storage beds to hold an array of items from bedding to boxes or ironing boards. This style is also available in white depending on your preference.

Malm Storage Bed In "Black-Brown", $499,

Make the most of your home and your available storage space with these quirky yet clever storage solutions!

Images: Courtesy Brands