Is This Kendall Jenner's Halloween Costume?

Keep your eyes peeled — looks like Kendall Jenner might have leaked her Halloween costume on Instagram. And what would Halloween be without a little mystery action? Jenner has yet to confirm this year's spooky getup, so let the guessing games begin.

Leave it to Jenner to tease everyone with a two-word caption: "Batman bunny." That's right — batman bunny. Anything is truly possible during Halloween — even if that means superhero meets the animal kingdom. Accompanying the cryptic caption is a filmy, monochromatic shot of Jenner adorned in her "batman bunny" mask. Fashion-wise, Jenner appears to be dressed in some sort of plaid concoction — perhaps casual wear until the big showcase, perhaps not.

Could this actually be her choice attire for a night of mischief and fright? Only time will tell. Jenner did impart some Halloween costume advice this week, but the rest is still untold. All we know so far is that masks will play an integral role in this year’s festivities. Call it a modern day masquerade if you will.

While we wait in the dark until Jenner's Halloween costume reveal, let's travel back in time and reminisce on her past looks. And don't start placing those costume bets just yet.

Kendall Jenner as Batman Bunny: coming soon Halloween 2015?

Beautiful results happen you when mix Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and one unforgettable Halloween bash. Last year, Jenner doubled up with Delevingne as video game duo Luigi and Mario (a fitting match since they are essentially sisters). Watch out — the gamer girls have captured Halloween by storm.

When in doubt, paint on the whiskers and throw on the LBD. Jenner went full-on feline mode in 2013, complete with sparkly cat ears and black nail polish. Hello, le chat noir.

Tim Burton, the unofficial king of Halloween, served as inspiration for Jenner and Khloe Kardashian's eerie makeup look here. So technically this wasn't for Halloween — the transformation was for little Mason's birthday party last year — but the vampy lips could very well get the job done. Looking like a nightmare has never been easier.

Images: KendallJenner, KhloeKardashian/Instagram