'Girls' Season 3 Soundtrack Should Include These 9 Songs

It's almost that time of year again. The time of year when we invite over our friends, set our DVRs, and throw back a few glasses of [insert alcholic beverage here] to get us in the mood for our favorite HBO offering. You know what I'm talking about, girls: Girls. A while ago, Bustle wrote about things to look forward to in season 3 of Girls and shared a couple of insights gathered from the trailers. Well now, we're closer than ever to the long-awaited premiere, which airs this Sunday, January 12th, on HBO with two back-to-back episodes.

Outside of the (usually) relatable plotlines and more outlandish episodes (*cough* Adam... ), the series is known for it's musical soundtrack. It practically launched Icona Pop into the musical sensation it is today. Though we got a few glimpses into the soundtrack for this season from the trailers, the songs haven't been released as they have in past years. But never fear! Here's our very own projected soundtrack based on everything from Hannah's budding success and Marnie's meltdown to Shosh's sudden promiscuity and Jessa's return.

Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra


Killin It – Foxy Shazam

GurryKABOOM on YouTube

Not About Love – Fiona Apple

fionaappleVEVO on YouTube

Call It Fate, Call It Karma – The Strokes

MusicMan44144 on YouTube

Cheerleader – St. Vincent

4AD on YouTube

Nothing Ever Changes – The Kooks

seabraluis on YouTube

Elevation - Television

SpaceOdyssee0 on YouTube

Big Time Sensuality – Björk

solwolfpunk on YouTube

Just – Radiohead

emimusic on YouTube

I Want it All - Arctic Monkeys

Faverelli on YouTube

Image: Jessica Miglio/HBO