'Our Brand Is Crisis' Star Reynaldo Pacheco Explains Why The Story Is So Important

Most of the characters in new film Our Brand Is Crisis are veiled with a heavy sense of cynicism. The one true exception to this rule is young Bolivian political volunteer Eddie, who happens to be one of the only people who actually believes that failing presidential hopeful Castillo could do some good for the country — he might even believe that more than Castillo himself. Eddie's unfailing hope and desire for a better life in the country he loves should remind audiences of the importance of questioning our leaders and their intentions, especially in a world where politicians lie and political consultants allow them to do it. In fact, Reynaldo Pacheco, the actor who plays Eddie and the breakout star of the film, sees the film as a call to action for people everywhere.

In an interview with Bustle during the Our Brand Is Crisis' premiere's red carpet, Pacheco expanded on this thought. "Our Brand Is Crisis is an important story because it shows you what's behind politics and also the responsibility that comes with our votes, and the importance of choosing a candidate... this story is important for the United States, especially for what is coming up in our next [Presidential] election."

This film is also particularly special for Pacheco as it takes place in his home country of Bolivia, a place where we don't see too many onscreen stories take place. "We don't have as many stories [told about] Bolivia, and I think we're entering a time when so many stories are universal," says Pacheco of the movie's setting. "We saw stories from Chile with The 33 [the film about the trapped Chilean miners] and now Our Brand Is Crisis with Bolivia. It's incredible to see people like [Our Brand Is Crisis star] Sandra Bullock and [producer] George Clooney sharing these stories."

As for his own role in this film, Pacheco could not be happier about the opportunity: "It feels like a dream. It feels amazing. I'm just so happy to here and to be sharing a story from my own country."

Our Brand Is Crisis hits theaters on Friday, Oct. 30.

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