Kylie Jenner Nails Comfy Chic Airport Style

by Augusta Statz

Somebody besides me has been getting major outfit envy from this model because Kylie Jenner stole Kendall’s airport flow with her latest travel-ready ensemble. That’s right, Jenner is like the rest of us because she too wants to sport her sister’s comfy-chic vibe while traveling from city to city.

The youngest Jenner paired an olive green hoodie with a matching pair of sweatpants and threw on a black overcoat and a pair of sneakers to boot. She was plenty comfortable and stylish while heading to her destination. Of course, she paired the laid-back outfit with some amazing accessories including a pair of black sunglasses and a backpack. Her super cool ensemble had a Yeezy Season kind of feeling. So, now, it’s official — I want both of these sisters’ airport styles. Is that too much to ask for?

See what I mean about wanting to steal their comfy plane riding skills once you get a load of these OOTDs. You’ll be able to tell where Kylie got the inspiration for her travel gear from, too, because when you’re older sister’s that stylish, you’re bound to copy an outfit or two, right? And since you won’t be able to stop staring — go ahead and shop similar pieces to get the look for yourself, why don’t you?

Coolest bathroom selfie ever.

She's got it going on.

Get this lazy-girl look for yourself.

1. Black Overcoat

Exclusive Peacoat, $106.59, ASOS Curve

A black peacoat will complete this look and add a bit of chicness.

2. Hoodie

Contemporary Drawstring Hood Top, $22.90, Forever 21

A boxy hooded top is just the kind of thing you'll need.

3. Joggers

Plus Size Cargo Jogger Pants, $28.99, Charlotte Russe

Relaxed fit jogger pants or sweat pants will be comfortable for the entire duration of the flight.

4. Black Sneakers

Puma Aril Trainers, $107.49, ASOS

All black sneaks with go so well with your coat.

5. Sunnies

Virtex Block Shades, $20, Nasty Gal

Some oversized black shades will do just the trick to hide your tired eyes at the airport.

6. Backpack

Net Games Mesh Backpack, $47.60, Nasty Gal

The edgier the backpack, the better.

Now who's going to have the best airport flow? That's right, you are.

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Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands (6)