You Can Go To Trotter Lake If You... Want

While all of the legal arrangements have been happening behind frustrating closed doors, we may finally find out what happened at Trotter Lake on How To Get Away With Murder before long. According to the official ABC press release, Bonnie will find out in the Nov. 5 episode, titled "I Want You To Die." However, considering that this Thursday's episode is titled "Two Birds, One Millstone," answers may be coming even sooner than that. In the meantime, while we try to figure it out, riddle me this — is Trotter Lake real?

As it turns out, the How To Get Away With Murder location is real, but you may need a passport to visit. There are actually a few "Trotter Lake"s in Ontario, Canada. That's not too surprising. There are a lot of lakes in Ontario to begin with, so the fact that some share names seems inevitable. One is very close to the Michigan and Wisconsin border and the Great Lakes, just outside of Sault Ste. Marie. Another is even further North, in an unorganized part of Sudbury. Finally, there is also a "Trotter's Lake" in the township of Blandford-Blenheim.

So, does Asher Millstone seem like the kind of guy who vacations on a lake in Canada? Absolutely, he does. It could be a family vacation spot. He could have gotten his undergraduate degree at Cornell. The drinking age is 18 in Canada, and Asher seems like way more of a water ski and inner tubing kind of guy than a surfer, in my humble opinion. I'm not sure what the legal ramifications are if this "incident" happened over the border, but that would be an interesting route to take. That might explain why this was so easily kept quiet.

Of course, this could be a fictional lake in the United States, just like Middleton University is a fake school with an excellent law program. (Though, Harrison Middleton University is a real online school.) We have plenty of lakes here, especially in the area surrounding Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where How To Get Away With Murder takes place and the Millstone family lives. They could be in state, or nearby in West Virginia.

Having never been to a lake in Ontario, I can't speak to how "spooky" the terrain is. Don't you think this lake has to be particularly lush and wild, considering how secretive Asher is about what went down there? It's probably full of dark corners for doing dark deeds. We still don't know who Tiffany is, or whether or not she's alive, but this could be a clue towards understanding what this whole Trotter Lake thing is all about, eh?

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Images: Josh Fleenor/ABC; Giphy