What Happens When Your Squad Watches Scary Movies

I am that one friend of yours who doesn't like to watch scary movies — probably because of what happens when you watch a scary movie. Don't blame me, blame the sounds and jerks that occur due to every single moment of the movie being terrifying and blood curdling. The world is already filled with terrible things — do we really need movies to put us into those situations again?! If the number of Paranormal Activity movies is an indication, then I guess the answer is yes we do.

If I am ever dragged into a scary movie (which never happens) I usually go for the "close your eyes and curl into a small ball" maneuver. The last scary movie I saw was Cabin In The Woods, which technically isn't really a scary movie. Also, my professor made it mandatory for the entire class to see this film which is the only reason I went. Anyway, before I even entered that theater I let everyone around me know that I would be screaming and crying by the end of it and to not judge me. Luckily, the movie was a meta horror film so it was more funny than scary. I ended up enjoying myself. If the movie we were going to see had been Oculus or Halloween Part 67 — Robot Chainsaw Hacker's Revenge, I wouldn't even step foot into that theater.

There are a few types of scary movie watchers, and from my above story you can gather which one I am. The people over at Pixable made a hilarious video encompassing all versions of people who watch scary movies. The following are just a choice few I recognize:

1. The One Who Can't Even

This person usually watches scary movies alone in some kind of "prove em all wrong" brain delusion but ends up staying up all night with the lights on. I am this person. I am ALWAYS this person.

2. The One Who Tries To Find The Logic

"You never walk into the room with the lights turned off."

"Don't run backwards."

"Of course he is in the well waiting for you to climb down!"

We get it. You are much smarter than these fictional characters. On the other hand, I haven't seen you run away from a clown holding an axe.

3. The One That Makes Everyone Else Scared

This person will turn a group of adults into a group of screaming children in a heartbeat. They are so high strung it stresses everyone out. Again. This is me.

If you want to see the full video, you can watch it below! I bet you are at least one of these people.

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